Thank You’s *Another blogmas day 9!*

Hi Guys.
I was reflecting on 2017, and i realised how many memories were created in 2017. Through the high’s and the low’s i wanted to thank a few special people who have been there for me throughout the high’s and lows. 

Dominique: Girlllll, I love you to bits! From our phone calls, our texts(even though you take about a year to reply haha, shopping trips and endless nando’s trips i’m so lucky to have such an amazing person in my life. You have taught me that life is too short to not do things. You have achieved so much in 2017, in your personal and in your work life. I couldn’t be more prouder of you, on this crazy journey. Our endless conversations make me laugh so much to where I’m crying or the emotional chat’s where i am actually crying! I am so proud of you, i can’t wait to make more amazing memories with you in 2018! 2017 has been fab and emotional, but who cares! Fresh start, new year!You have been my biggest rock and supporter in everything i have done! Love you always x

Amy: I haven’t seen you in forever and i miss you loads:(! Ame’s where do i start? You have been such an amazing person to have around in my life. You make me so proud in everything you do. You haven’t had the best of times, but i am so proud of how much you have done for yourself and me. You are so selfless and beautiful. I love how you have the confidence to try new things and experience new things, you inspire me to be more like that. Our always funny and emotional chats are endless and i will never once be bored of this! They are my biggest memories of you! I am so excited to see you very soon, as i miss you! Don’t you let anyone tell you, that you’re not beautiful or you don’t have a beautiful heart. I love you lots and lots x

Soph: Soph!!! I am super proud of you for getting into uni! Wow, i am so jealous of your party nights haha! I am forever thankful of you Soph, and i am so happy you’re in my life still to this day. We have created some of the best memories, and i can’t wait to create more (my 21st) ayyyy! I miss you now you’re at uni, but forever proud of you. Thank you for being the biggest supporter of me and this lil blog. I have created some of the best content because of you giving me the inspo! You are such a beautiful girl inside and out! I love u always xx

Tay+Jude: Guys, i’m so proud of you! I cannot thank you enough for your time and your bubbly personalities. They’re so infectious, and i am so proud of everything you have achieved in 2017! Thank you for always checking up on me with a message and being so welcoming when i have felt nervous to come to events. It’s so crazy knowing you for so long, but it’s been such a fab journey and i can’t wait to see for 2018! Even though i’m not always at events, i’m always going to be supporting you. You are such lovely boys who deserve the best! I love the fact you are so funny and so humble as well. Love you boys always x

Sue: Sue, i cannot thank you enough for all the messages you have sent me and everything you have done for me. Your words of advice and wisdom i will never forget. I am super proud of everything you have done. You’re one of the most selfless people i know, and with such a kind heart. You have so much time for everybody and just create such magic! I can’t believe how long it has been! I want to thank you for all of the messages and whenever i see you, just chatting to me about anything and always checking up on me haha! Thank you for everything, such a star! x 

Mitchell: Thank you for always being there for me at my lowest and at my highest. It is so crazy to think that we have known eachother for 4 years and you have kept being by side. I love the laughs and the fun we have! Even though we may have parted a lot, you have always stuck by me so so much! With always the best advice (to you!) but advice none the less, you have shaped who i am today in some kind of way. I am so thankful for you always! xx

Jayde: I miss Jayde so much:( Jayde, even though you are no longer here in person, you are with me every step of the way. I can hear you say things to me if i mess up or i need a little bit of guidance along the way. I am so thankful to have you in my life and be able to create some memories with you. Not only did you just inspire everyone around you, you also inspired me, to grab opportunities and just go for it. You have taught me the biggest life lesson to be positive and not give up. I wish you were down here giving me your beautiful advice and your kind words, but i know you will be looking down on me whatever may be the case and you’re in the safest places being the most beautiful angel, we all miss you! Until next time, i love you! Your family are the most precious and beautiful people ever, and i admire their strength so much!

Here’s to 2018 

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