reflecting on 2017! #BlogmasDay18

Hellooo&welcome to Blogmas Day 18,

I can’t believe how near it is until Christmas, it’s so crazy! 1 more week and it’ll be the big day! I am going to be sharing with my reflections on 2017!

Getting distinction:
I can’t believe this, i got a distinction on my first year of level 3 health and social care. My target grade was a merit, merit! I ended up getting a D,D,D! I was super chuffed with myself. I obviously had spent a lot of time in hospital in November so i was behind on some bits of coursework. After Christmas, i really got stuck into coursework and getting a distinction just meant that my work had paid off! 

I love blogging. My blogging game had been upped this year and i loved writing blog’s. I also worked with a couple of brands such as: J20, Mad beauty and a few others. Getting inspiration to blog again, i just loved!

Getting to know my health:
In October, i had a couple of seizures after being 10 months clear and being able to write a blog post on it, made me so proud of myself. I wanted to shy away from the fact of being epileptic and pretend that everything was okay. But now, i have learnt more about being an epileptic. After my seizures in October, i realised that i needed to stop stressing over the little things, sleep more and educate myself. I am always learning more about my health and being able to ‘be in control’ on some days. 

Going out more;
I love exploring and visiting new places. Recently i had to do some volunteering for my course. I was so nervous to be looking after people with learning disabilities and general disabilities. I was super nervous as we also had to stay away. Luckily, i was with the college girls and some people who were Duke of Edinborough award. Anyway it was a whole new experience and we got to get to know the staff and also the other people very well. We were with them from 8am-11pm so it was so lovely. we got to do trips with them such as london, westfield, Brighton and i LOVED it! It was so rewarding to see them so happy and also talk to us about themselves and their families. i never thought i’d be one to do it, but it was such an enjoyable week:)

I hope you liked this! What’s one thing you’re most proud of in 2017! Get involved in the comments:)
Amy x

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