Chatty Chats #BlogmasDay19

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Hellooo&welcome to Blogmas Day 19! 6 days until Christmas omg!
Today is a chatty Christmas chat. I am going to have a lil ramble t’day as i feel i don’t do a lot of rambly blog posts. So i hope you are enjoying my blogmas blog posts and you have found some tips, tricks, inspo and your festiveness! I love Christmas, and i can’t believe i have done Blogmas 2 years in a row. It’s not easy, lemme tell you that, but i would love to do it again next year! I feel so lucky to be able to create content, so i can write down my thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t matter to me how many people read this, it’s something for me to kind of look back on, and i am so grateful for the people who do read my blog:)
So i have finished all of my Christmas present shopping eeek! I can’t wait for Christmas. It is super close now and i am sorting out my outfit for what i want to wear. I love to be super prepared😀. 
I have been up to a lot of Christmas shopping, watching Christmas movies and just sorting out and editing a few more Blogmas posts. I can’t believe Blogmas is nearly over! 
How are your Christmas preparations going? Leave me a comment of what you will be doing on Christmas day-i’d love to know!

That’s all from me!
Amy x

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