Favourite thing about doing Blogmas #BlogmasDay21

4 more days!!!
Hellooo&welcome to Blogmas Day 21! Oh, my, gosh! We are so near!
Why do i love blogmas?

Christmas: As you can all guess by now, I love Christmas. Christmas is my favourite time of year and being able to blog everyday about Christmas is brill. It gives me an excuse to buy loads of Christmassy things and also browse the shops! Also the countdown to Christmas through doing Blogmas, you can see how many days there are, with all the blogmas’s!

New bloggers:
It gives a chance for me to meet new bloggers and read new blogs that are out there! i ALWAYS search blogmas in the google search bar or on twitter. I love when people upload, as it gives me so much more inspo, and also i am able to follow new bloggers, and have new blogger friends:) I have discovered some amazing blogs through blogmas, what a bonus!

Create new content:
Over the year i feel like i tend not to blog as much. Blogmas gives me a chance to blog everyday and it gives me new content and also i have loads of ideas to blog about. i am able to use my creative mind to be able to do Blogmas!

Are you enjoying blogmas so far?
Amy x

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