Last minute Christmas gift ideas *DIY* #BlogmasDay23

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Hellooo&welcome to Blogmas day 23.
I am going to give you a few ideas of DIY presents you can do last minute!
1. Sweet jar: I have a sweet tooth, so i love this idea. My sweet jar would be filled with loads of sweets i love-selection box sweets, lollies, haribos and moams. To add to the festiveness add a little bow and a candy cane! Easy, but tasty!

2. Pamper hamper: What a lovely idea to do. I would add fluffy socks, DVD, Bath bomb, face masks, chocolate, creams, magazine and a bottle of wine or non-alcoholic drink!

3. Candle Hamper: I would add the person’s favourite candles in a hamper and it would look super cute and cosy. 

4. Hot chocolate kit: For this, get a cute Christmas mug, add some hot chocolate mix in, marshallows, sprinkles and chocolate sauce into the kit!

Hope you enjoyed,
Amy x

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