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Hellooo&welcome to my Christmas eve blog post!

Tomorrow will be Christmas Day and i can’t quite believe it. If i could pick 1 day i am excited about it would probably be Christmas eve, as i know after Christmas day, the day goes so quick and it’s all over. Is it me, or has the whole year and the whole month gone super quickly. I have been watching tonnes of vlogmas’s as it makes me feel super festive in the lead up to Christmas. 

I have loved doing Blogmas again this year and getting back into blogging. I feel Blogmas is a lot more special for me, as i love the Christmas period. This Christmas Eve, i will be going out to a Greek restaurant as i love Greek food and watching a Christmas film, probably Elf! I will go to bed early, as i love to start my Christmas day super early! I’m 20, but still love getting up early on Christmas Day!

What are you getting up too today?
Amy x

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