IT’S HERE! #BlogmasDay25

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HELLOOO!!! The day is finally here, Christmas Day!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope you have enjoyed blogmas- i have certianly loved writing blogmas posts for you all old and new readers of my blog. I hope you are having an amazing Christmas with your family and friends. Dinner was the harvester, we played a few games and opened a lot of presents- i have definaltly been spoilt. I have also over-eaten lol’s! Tomorrow will consist of going to see my other side of the family at my Auntie’s house, which will be lovely. 

I hope you have a lovely and magical day to all of those who celebrate Christmas and even if you don’t, i hope your day is also magical and lovely. 

I wanted to reflect a bit on Blogmas- it has been such a lovely 2nd year of doing Blogmas, thank you for all your tweets and your comments. I have loved doing doing it and i can’t believe it is all over! It has gone super quck, 25 days of blogmas, is all finished for 2017! 
I want to wish everyone a well done on those who have blogged or vlogged over Christmas time, as you have certianly bought a lot of festiveness to me over the December period, i love this time of year youtube and blogger wise!

Thank you for reading my last blogmas of 2017!
Amy Xx

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