Happy 2018!
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I just wanted to come on to do a blog post to say Happy New year! It is January 1st 2018 already and i can’t believe it! The fresh start to a new year!
I hope you all had a fun New year’s celebrating with family and friends! I also hope you had a safe one as well, which is the most important. I also hope you’re 2018 is the best yet! Page 1 of 365 days, i’m so ready for you!

I wanted to add a lil tag of new year resolutions in this blog post:
A bad habit i’m going to break: Defiantly biting my nails. i have always done this and i really want my nails to grow this year.
A destination i’d like to visit: I really like to visit somewhere like Malibu! I have always wanted to go here!

I’m going to work harder at: Not being too hard on myself! things go wrong, it’s life!

A project i’d like to finish: I would love to finish the scrapbook i was making from my 1st years when i was a baby! 

A class i’d like to take: Probably cooking, as i am so bad at cooking!

I’d like to spend more time doing: Going for walks in the park or the forest! 

A food i want to eat more of: I could defiantly add more fruit and veg into my diet for sure!

I want to wear more of: Bright colours!

 I have so much planned for 2018 already!
I have my 21st party to look forward to which is super exciting in June,  i am going on holiday to Spain in July and i also finish college in June! Super exciting, but a tad scary! I can’t wait for Summer 2018 already! I also think we are looking at houses to move into, which will be super exciting, to start as new and decorate!

Happy new year to old and new readers,
Amy x

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