Fun bloggers q&a

Hello and welcome to 2018! I hope your 2018 has started off amazing!

i am going to be doing the fun bloggers q&a:

1. When is your birthday? 17th June 1997!

2. what are 3 of your fave colours? rose gold, pink and lilac

3. what are your 3 favourite quotes: ‘positivity always’

Image result for quotes
Image result for quotes

4. Are you addicted to youtube? defiantly! I am always on youtube. 

5. what are your 3 favourite shows on tv, youtube or both? -Friends, Gossip girl and Eastenders.

6. what are 3 qualities you like in a best friend? Honest, loyal and kind hearted. 

7. Do you like your name?  I don’t mind it, it’s very common though.

8. If you have the choice to pick your name, what would it be? Isabelle or Louise.

9. What is your fantasy dream? My proper dream to be a midwife. Fantasy to be a disney princess!

10. Do you wear makeup? I do, but not as much as i used too.

11. If you could write a book, what would the title be and what would it be about? ‘Life in the making’ and it would be about all the journey’s i have had in my 20 years.

12. what makes you cry? Happy and sad news, when someone dies in a movie who i like.

13. what makes you angry? Terrorism and racism and sexism. 

14. what makes you happy? spending time with family/friends and blogging.

15. what is ‘fangirling’? when you obsess over a celebrity lol.

16. what are your 3 fave snacks? Yogurts, chocolate and pears.

17. 3 favourite foods? chocolate, pasta and pizza.

18. 3 fave drinks? diet coke, cold water and juice.(pineapple!)

Hope you enjoyed,
Amy x

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