C H A S E. Thank you.

Hiya Guys,
I was thinking of a blog post to write, and i just wanted to write whatever came into my mind. At the time of this blog post, I had just spoken to Chase on his live stream.  

I have known Chase since early 2015! I can’t believe it has been 3 years already. It blows my mind to think how much has happened since 3 years ago. I was 16 at the time and everything was such a good time at events and gigs. I got to know Chase through Benj&Benji, which seeing them grow through everything as a duo was insane to watch. They made everything new and fresh. When Chase began to become more of a solo r&b performer, that is how i kind of engaged with Chase on a personal level through his music. The music he was producing and the sound was amazing. Knowing him as a duo artist to a solo artist is quite a big jump, but i knew he’d be fab. I loved working with Chase on new blog post ideas such as the interviews, reviews. I remember his manager emailing me about doing a blog post on his interaction, energy and songs and feeling so proud of myself, for someone else believing i had the potential to do it.

Knowing Chase since the age of 16, has bought so many LOL moments, sad moments and memories. I love knowing someone is always there supporting me with my blogging and wanting to get involved and make my dream a reality. It is the way more people should be now, I want to make his dream a reality, and in a way, he wants to do the same for me. Without Chase, i probably wouldn’t have done as many things i would’ve done if i didn’t have the support and confidence behind me. I wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you have done for me in terms of personal and blogging life. When i watched him on the live stream showing off his new remix’s that he was working on, they were insane. Seeing an artist grow as a person and being able to view that artist as one of your friends now is so lovely. I can’t wait to be able to hear the new remixes all the time and see you keep growing and growing. 2018 is gonna be epic! I am super proud of everything you have achieved and going to go on to achieve. Thank you for being you. 
The height difference does really need to change LOL!

Here’s some of my fave memories:

Please check out chase:
Twitter: ChaseBlake01
Instagram: ChaseBlake01
Snapchat: ChaseBlake01
Spotify: ChaseBlake01
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0UxGnhobB1ckvjplsua7Mw 
*new video release*: girls want
Amy x

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