Franklin Lake. Thank you.!

heyaaa guys,
welcome to a new blog post!
To Tay&Jude (Aka Franklin Lake),
I wanted to write a lil letter for you. I have known these boys for so so long. 2013 to be exact. 2013 year old Amy, who was 15, scrolling through twitter at the time, got a lil follow from Tay and this is where the journey began…

What a journey you 2 have been on. From the gigs, the music, the studio, the home visit and the tweets/dms, you have blessed our ears with the brilliant music you have produced. From 2013, i have seen you both achieve some amazing dreams and adventures, and i am so proud of you both. We have made such amazing memories in the 5 years we have known each other (1/2 a decade wow!) I wanted to say thank you for allowing me into your lives and being the ones to always stand by my side. When i have had a rubbish day, knowing you’s are a message away, is always such a good feeling. When i see you two on stage, you feel me with such pride and joy, to know you are doing what you love up on that stage. The amount of hard work and dedication you both put in to everything blows my mind. I wanted to thank you for putting things into perspective, making fab memories and just being Tay&Jude. 15 year old me and now 20 year old me, still enjoy seeing you, creating more memories and seeing what new music you will be bringing out. The excitement will probably never end, seeing your dreams become a reality. I can’t wait for the new launch of i know a fab album! 
Some of my fave memories have happened with you crazy 2!


there are tonnes more, but these are my faves!
All my love,

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