Planning for my 21st! Tips+Tricks.

Hello Guys,
I am currently planning my 21st party and i am super excited! I can’t believe my 21st is fast approaching!
My birthday is on the 17th June and my party is on the 16th! 

The location is so important obviously because this is where you’ll have your party. You need to think about what you want it to look like, your budget and where it is. Is it easy to access for other people and can you park. Some people who are invited to my party will want to drive, so having somewhere to park will be important. For my party, i am having mine in a hall (football club). It is such a lovely location as the hall is big enough but also as my party is in the summer, i can have the doors open to make it look bigger. 

-Guest list:
Planning the guest list. This is another important thing as you will need to know how many people you want to have there, sometimes the location will want to know how many people have been invited. I have a big family, so there will be a lot of family at my party, my college friends, family friends and other friends. Having your guest list will give you an idea of who you want there.

For invites, you can go as extravagant as you want. My auntie does such lovely invites, so my invites are a coral pink, a champagne picture with 21 on it, details such as venue, time, date and RSVP. I love the whole invite planning of what you want on the invite. 

Make a list of people that have RSVP’d. So, i have made a list of the people who are coming, the maybe list and the no list. This helps me to make sure i know a rough amount of people that are coming. 

For my decor, i want to go all out but not too expensive. My lovely auntie, is making me photo frames of the me and the people that will be coming and we’re going to be hanging them up in the hall. I think this adds such a personalised and cute feature to the hall. I am also going to have food from M&S. My theme for decor is going to be coral pink as i want it to be bright. I am also going to have a pick n mix table as i think this will be quite nice. I will also have 21st banners and balloons up around the hall. 

Bit before: 
The bit before the party is so exciting. I am going to be sharing the leadup to my party with my best friend Amy, as i couldn’t think of anyone better to. I think we’re going to have some pre-drinks and have a lil dance to get us in the mood, and of course some selfies! 
I have 0 idea of what i am going to wear, but in the summer i find it quite easy. There are so many things that will be out so i think i am going to start looking at the end of may. I am thinking a dress or playsuit with some nice heels. I don’t know what colour i am going for but hey. 

I have a family friend that does hair, so she is going to be doing my hair. As i have had my hair cut into a blunt cut, i am just going to go for a sleek straight hair style with loads of hairspray, so it will stay in place. For makeup, i was going to get it done, but as it is my 21st i know how i want to do my makeup and what is best for me, so i probably will just do it myself. 

The music is important as you want people to be up and dancing. I love seeing people dancing and having fun. My auntie is in the music biz, so she is going to be bringing all of her music set, so i am able to play music from my phone onto the set. I am going to have some throwback hits and also some recent hits. my spotify playlist will be linked below, if you want a lil look. UPDATE: I found out my surprise and my family has booked me a DJ! I am so incredibly grateful for my family for doing this for me! x

Lastly have the best time!

I hope you enjoyed,
Amy xo

Twitter: amy_bellxx

instagram: amylaurenbellx
Spotify playlist: 

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