Visiting Beyoutiful Salon

Hello everyone,
Yesterday i visited Stephanie Nala’s salon Beyoutiful. First of all, how cute is the name? I love it!

For a while now, i wanted to visit the salon as i have followed Steph on twitter for the longest time but also it is super close to me! I had so much college work to do, so after college, i decided to boook in to get my brows waxed. 

My experience:
My experience at beyoutiful was so amazing. I dmed her on instagram and asked if i could have an appointment on the Saturday, as i know she is busy busy on the Saturday. But she fitted me in. I had finished college on the Friday early, so i decided to just pop in to the shop and there were all these customers, but she still fitted me in! What a superstar. I had my brows waxed and i literally didn’t feel the slightest pain ever. Steph was such a lovely person, so bubbly and full of conversation, which you want from any person working in a salon. It took about 5-10 minutes to do and they looked amazing. Much better than what i tried to do before (oops!)

They have so much more shape to them and less sparse hairs, which i love! 
I have even booked in for a spray tan next Thursday for my 21st partaaay!

The decor was so beautiful. I loved it! It was so glam! It was filled with gold frames with marble quotes in them, which was so pretty. She had silver little armchairs and pillows on them. The salon also had the most beautiful flowers in them, which just went with the whole theme and i loved the lights that hung down! It was all very glam and pretty!

As you can see here (beyou.tifulx) instagram:

If you are around the Cheshunt area, pop in! It’s such a lovely salon: 59-59a High St, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross EN8 0BP

Thank you so much to Steph again for fitting me in!
It was so lovely to see you and the beautiful salon you own.

Until next time readers,

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