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Holiday at Golden Taurus Aqua Park

my holiday 2018;  Golden Taurus; Hello guys, As you would've known from my holiday posts, i went to Golden Taurus Aqua Park Resort. My first visit at this lovely hotel was when i was  9 years old and now i am 21. Crazy! I hadn't been back for about 6 years, and everything had changed.… Continue reading Holiday at Golden Taurus Aqua Park


youtuber’s im loving right now!

Hello everyone,Today i am back with a new blog post. I have actually done one of these before as i love letting you guys know who i am watching on youtube right now. 1. Zoella: I am just going to start with the cliche youtuber, but Zoe uploaded a new vlog a couple of days ago,… Continue reading youtuber’s im loving right now!