Progress of toning and losing weight!

Hello everyone, 
So i wanted to a progress of my losing weight journey. 

For a long time, i haven’t actually been happy with my weight. I would go to the gym and then get bored within 2 weeks, and i wouldn’t stick at a balanced diet. So, i wanted to find something that i would be motivated to do and also stick with because i feel so motivated now to lose the weight and more importantly, lead a healthier lifestyle. 

So, i have followed Anna Saccone for a while, and i have been doing Lucy’s workouts for a while now, just before holiday, and after holiday, we booked for our 2019 holiday, and i have set myself the challenge to do a workout 6/7 days a week. I love Lucy’s workouts as she does 4-7 minute workouts, which are perfect if i am not feeling motivated or if i have a busy day, i can squeeze a short workout in, in the morning, and do them in my PJ’s, bonus right? She also does a longer workout which is a walking workout which i also love, which is 20 minutes long. For 2 weeks now, i have followed this workout, by alternating the workouts i do. I will alternate by doing 2 short workouts and then the next day do a 20 minute workout, and i can already see a difference. I will insert some pictures down below. When i do a workout as well, i crave fruit, yogurt and all the healthy foods, which has also helped me feel better in myself but also to lose some weight. I find the shorter workouts really effective, just because they are short, doesn’t mean they won’t work and you will feel it for the rest of the day! Trust me!

week 1: 
week 2: 
I have seen a MASSIVE difference in just 2 weeks. I feel healthier and also my hips have slimmed down and my tummy has also got flatter and more toned, which i love!
I just want to thank Lucy for the motivation, as i just wake up and want to do a workout so much!! 
Lucy’s socials: 
instagram/twitter: @Lucywyndhamread
if you have any q’s please contact me; 
twitter: @amy_bellxx
instagram; @amylaurenbellx
Amy xo

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