Book review; Wilde About the girl -Louise Pentland

Hi Guys,
I am back with a book review on the ever so successful and glam Mummy Louise Pentland. As an influencer herself in the blogging and youtube world, i love supporting influencers in everything they do.

I have read the first book Louise bought out ”wilde like me’ and defiantly wanted to pick up her second book. I read ‘wilde about the girl’ in 2 days, and didn’t want to put the book down, as i was hooked. The second book,  i would say, is very different from the first book, in terms of Louise’s writing style. The description of the characters and the settings had got more detailed. The story line was brilliant and the flow of the plot was amazing. It is also one of them sequels that if you haven’t read the first book, it doesn’t matter, as you can jump straight into the second book. There is a good variety of recap in the second book from the first book. If you don’t want any spoilers, please feel the need to click off and come back when you have read the book. 

The plot and story line was very realistic and genuine. I absoloutly loved how i could get into the book and actually visuliase the characters, which i love getting my head stuck into the book and come away from life and go into the books life. Robyn was a 29 year old single Mum who is going through the ups and downs of life. She is also a makeup artist and has just been promoted in her job. Louise is capturing female empowerment i feel in this book, which i LOVE! She is wondering weather if someone in her company is better suited to the role than her. Robyn feels she wants a traditional family unit, and wants someones to help her with life and want a boyfriend. Robyn also finds some discovery of what she wants to achieve and what she wants from life. In Robyn, you can get Louise’s personality defiantly through watching her on Youtube. I can defiantly see Louise in Robyn. The interaction with Robyn’s child Lyla, is amazing. You can see that she is Robyn’s support system and how much she is helping Robyn in each chapter of the book. There are some bad and happy moments in the wilde about the girl book.

I loved the book and found the second book much more interesting! It was such an amazing book, Well done Louise! (I mean, like she would be reading  this haha!) 

If you have read this book, why not have a discussion in the comments, about how you felt about the book!

Amy xo

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