The top chair trends – restyle your home with inspiration- Sue Ryder Shop!

Hello everyone!!

Are you looking to revamp and restyle your home with a pop of colour? Have you ever thought about getting some furniture in a charity shop? Try Sue Ryder!
About Sue Ryder Online: 
As most of you know i had a neurologist because of my seizures and this charity is a neurological care in a person centred hospice. ‘Set up in 2016 the Sue Ryder shop has a warehouse based in
Northampton, where products are stored and sent from. Sue Ryder Online Shop aims to support the
core of Sue Ryder’s work, selling high-quality items and donating 100% of the profits to helping
provide person-centred hospice and neurological care.’ 

So if you are looking to add  a pop of colour and some chairs in your home. Sue Ryder has every style for you. They have crushed velvet furniture, pops of pink, and is in with the latest interior trends! They have some brand new exclusive trends, such as storage units, chairs for interior and garden use.

I love velvet decorations and chairs, i think they look so glam! It gives you that luxurious vibe and gives your room that indulgent look. A popular purchase is always a velvet chair or a bed. When the festive season is fast approaching, this gives your guests, a comfortable welcome into your home! There is always room for a velvet piece in your home in every season. 

Millenial pink: 
Rose gold iphones are the most popular iphones aren’t they? I mean, i have a rose gold iphone and i love the colour. The fashion industry also has been swooning over the rose gold fashion and it is the craze which has influenced the furniture shops and home designers. The sweet pink of this chair adds a lovely soft furnishing into any room. When you pair this colour with some wooden legs, it is the perfect mixture which is so aesthetic and of course instagramabble! I love the pink as it matches perfectly with black, grey, white and other pinks. It is very minimalistic. This chair is scandinavian inspired style which is a massive influence in home design this year, it is the perfect trend to add some colour to your home.  This is just beautiful, i would love this in my room, it looks so comfy. 


Going grey: 
Grey is the new black. When it comes to making your house look effortless. It is the simplicity of the grey which means that it can combine new furniture with your existing furniture. It makes it to uplift the room and an easy way to make your home look fresh and modern. It is also very adaptable and an easy addition. It can be a velvet stool for the kitchen, a tub chair for the guest room, grey offers a neutral backdrop for the home and will accent other featured colours. I love grey in my home as it adds so much, and how beautiful are the diamentes. 
Marketing executive Clare Farthing
‘“This seasons’ focus on chairs comes from the growing popularity of consumers adding feature pieces and mixing and matching their interiors. Our range ticks all the boxes in terms of style but also with a focus on value. Although many people may know about the fantastic work that Sue Ryder does and their high street stores, the Sue Ryder Online Shop continues to be an undiscovered gem for brand new, affordable homewares. Not only do we stock brand new and on-trend items, but we also give shoppers a way to help give back and shop with a conscience.’’ 

Sue Ryder offers an expressive delivery which is a safe and secure payments. The Sue Ryder dedicated online shop offers free delivery over £50, and a 30 day money payback guarentee and a dedicated customer services team. 

Go and check out 
The whole collection:

Thank you to the lovely Lauren and Sue Ryder for colaborating with me on this blog posts.
*All views are my own

Amy xo

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