Welcome to Blogmas 2018!

Hello everyone,
Welcome to Blogmas 2018!!

Today is the 1st December 2018 (eeek!) which means it is the start of Blogmas and for some people Vlogmas! 

So all of my fellow readers i have done blogmas before, but if you are a new reader and wondering what Blogmas actually is, it is where i will be blogging everyday up until Christmas Day! I love Christmas so with Christmas and blogmas combined, it is the perfect way! I am actually currently writing this first blogmas post in August (I know!). So i am going to be making a lot of Christmas themed blog posts over the festive period from 1st December-25th December, so if you don’t like Christmas then feel free not to read any of my blog posts until after Christmas. 

I am going to be scheduling my blogmas posts to go live at 4:30pm everyday. I thought this was a good time as school will have finished, if you are on your way home from work or college and if you are making your dinner. Now, i am writing this in August as i have previously said, so things may change, but i will be attempting to do vlogmas also on my youtube channel over on; 
If i do attempt this i will be putting my vlogmas up at 7:30/8pm. 

If you want to subscribe to my blog to get a notifcation by email that i have uploaded so you don’t miss a blog post, then it’s at the top of my blog, you can also follow me on bloglovin’: and also my social media pages where i will have my blogmas linked;

Thank you so much for reading my very waffly first blogmas post,
and hopefully i’ll see you back here at 4:30 tomorrow!

Amy x

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