Hello everyone
Welcome to blogmas day 12! How is it already Blogmas Day 12, it’s so crazy to think that!

I am going to be doing a guest blogmas with Lucy Elizabeth from: 

‘I’m super lucky to be involved in the gorgeous Amy’s Blogmas! Her blog is honestly one of my faves so i’m feelng v lucky to be working with her!

I asked Lucy to tell me and my readers about her Christmas wishlist, as i always find this interesting and i always get some ideas for my own wishlist!
This is the gorgeous Lucy.. 

Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I’m definitely one of those people who  enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them! I get asked every year what I want for Christmas and I never know, so recently I’ve started writing a list throughout the year of things I want or need so then if anybody asks I can tell them something from the list! It also really helps as then I’m getting things I will actually use. Of course, I’m grateful for whatever I get as presents, so any extra surprises are incredible. 

I thought I’d share with you a few things that are on my Christmas wish list, in case you want to make any late admissions to your own wish list! 

The first thing on my list is the new Thierry Mugler perfume. It’s called Aura and comes in a gorgeous green bottle. I have Alien and it is my go-to scent whenever I’m going out, so I’d love to give this one a try! 
I have smelt it and at first I wasn’t sure about it, but it’s one of those that grows on you! I sprayed it on my clothes to see how it lasted while I was out shopping, and i could still smell it when I got home about 3 hours later. From what I’ve read it’s meant to be a soft yet sweet and refreshing scent, with wood and vanilla hints. I couldn’t tell you what it smells like at all, as I’m terrible at describing scents, but it really does smell gorgeous! 

The next thing on my list is a piece of jewellery from Anna Saccone’s Stilnest ‘Written in the Stars’ collection. I’ve had my eye on the constellation collection for a while and am so in love with them. I already have the original Scorpio star sign necklace which I received 2 years ago as a surprise Christmas gift. I really treasure it as it was such a special gift and has such sentimental value. The necklace I’ve got on my list can actually be made as silver, gold or rose gold. My current necklace is gold, so I’m not sure whether I’d have this one as silver to be different or have it gold as well. It’s beautiful either way! They are all such gorgeous pieces of jewellery, and I’ve had so many comments about mine when I wear it. They really add that bit of extra you want to your outfit without being too over the top, and although they are a little bit more expensive (£74) they are so worth it, not only because of how beautiful they are, but they’re such good quality and so much care is put into the production of each necklace. 

Lucy’s flat-Lay! 
The final thing on my Christmas wish list is actually a gift set from Lush. Now I’m definitely a shower girl, but who can resist a big bubble bath that smells delicious? I know I can’t, especially after a long day of dancing, or a hard day at work! The festive period is the best time for a pamper I always think! You’re eating a lot more junk…. well I am anyway (those empty Celebrations boxes can’t lie), the cold weather makes my skin dry and often my eczema flares up. I love, when it’s dark outside, to run myself a big bath, with candles, and have a bit of a pamper with some really good products that make my skin feel soft and refreshed. Last year I received the classic gift box with lots of Christmas themed items in, but this year I’d a bit more of a mix. It’s always a novelty to receive the Christmas themed items, and I absolutely loved the Snowman bath bomb, which made my skin feel amazing! I also love the Snow Fairy body wash, as does everyone else, and so I’d love to receive that! 

I’d also really love to get some skincare products. I use the Breath of Fresh Air toner water, so a top up of this would be great, and a new face mask. I currently use the Oatifix mask as it’s meant to be really good for eczema and dry skin, however I’m getting to the end of the pot and I’m looking to try something new! 
At the time of writing this, it’s all still a mystery as to what products Lush will release for Christmas, however, if they’re anything like last year’s I know I’ll love whatever I get! 

Like with this list, there are usually only a few bits I ask for for Christmas. I honestly appreciate anything I receive, however big or small it is! Let me know in the comments what you’ve asked for for Christmas, and what you think of the things I’ve asked for! 

One last thing, Can I just say one great big thank you to Amy for having me in her Blogmas. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to guest post!

Love ya, 

Lucy Elizabeth x 
Lucy’s socials: Twitter: @Lucy_Carter96

Thank you so much to Lucy for her beautiful blog post and the picture she gave me! I loved working with you!
I hope you all enjoy this blog post!
Amy xo

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