roadtrip take this home

Hiya guys,

I thought i would do a quick review on the take this home music video from the roadtrip boys!

so who are roadtrip? Roadtrip are made up of a 5 piece british/irish boyband: Andy Fowler, Rye Beaumont, Mikey Cobban, Brooklyn Wyatt and Jack Duff. Andy and their manager Blair formed this boyband after Andy left overload and Rye left state of mind. Roadtrip have previously toured with ‘personal’ singer Harvey Cantwell. They have also headlined their own very successful tours and have just come off their take this home tour.

so take this home is one of my favourite songs, it is very upbeat and just a fun kind of song. Their music video also showcases that very well also, as a fun all round boyband and they portray that so so much in this video. It is them basically also involving some of their fans, which i think is brilliant. It also shows how close they are and how crazy their life has become as stated by Andy. I just love the song and the music video and a big shoutout to Alex who filmed the video and Robbie for editing it, the filmography is absolutely insane. One of the best music videos i have watched at the end of 2018, i have got to say.

A big shoutout to my gals who i love love so much. Without roadtrip i never would’ve met some of the girls i have had the pleasure to get to know. They just get me y’know and i can’t wait to see them as we have created so so many memories already and they are already some of my closest friends: Han, Dom, Liv and Sabine! big love to you! xx

Roadtrip socials: @roadtriptv, @roadtripvlogs,

I hope you enjoy this type of blog post

Amy x

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