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2019 goals

Hiya Guys,

My 2019 goals: 1. To travel more. As i am a travel advisor, i want to be able to travel more places and as customers always come in, they always talk about these beautiful places and 2019 i want it to be the year i travel more, weather it is round England or different countries. I actually have 2 holidays booked for May&July! I am very excited for these.

2. Be fitter and healthier: such a cliche goal, but at the end of December i started refollowing Lucy Wyndham Read’s (Anna Saccone PT) workouts again and i loved the way they made me feel and look. I want to tone up as i am going on holiday, so i want to feel more confident in my own body!

3. Start making youtube videos again: I have kind of had a break with making youtube videos because of work, but i loved the creativity youtube had, weather it was filming or editing, i loved it! It was so good to get more content out and be able to engage with so many people through youtube.

4. Do things that make me happy: In life, i think we always try and strive to make other people happy, but i want to do me. Whatever i choose to do, i want it to make me happy, as i feel like that is so important.

hope you enjoyed

Amy x