Feeling stressed?

Hi guys,

I wanted to do a blog post about feeling stressed. In this world, it is hard to not feel stressed about certain events that occur, weather personal or work-related.

 reading a book:

reading a book can help relive stress as you can get lost into the plot of the book and you are concentrating on reading a book rather than focusing so much on what is making you feel stressed. I love reading the calm book, as this really helps me when I’m feeling stressed.

Netflix: i love watching Netflix when I am stressed, to get myself into a series and I don’t have to concentrate on the stress. I love to get into bed, put some Netflix on and just chill out with a hot chocolate.

Bubble bath: my fave thing to do whilst I am feeling stressed is to run a bubble bath. I have been loving the lush bath bombs at the moment, but also adding some lavender and chamomile bath salts into the bath, as this really relaxes me. I also like to light some candles and put some calming music on to chill out.

Music: for me music has always been my go to. I love to put a chilled playlist on to calm my mind. I put my earphones in and block the world out with my playlist. If I want to feel energised, then I put lots of dancing music on.

Exercise; this really helps me, I love to put a quick HIIT workout on, even if I have done my exercise that day, just doing a quick 5/10 min workout really helps me. It makes me feel uplifted and motivated. I recommend Lucy Wyndham read exercises as they’re free and are so good.

YouTube: YouTube is my go to source as well. I like to put on a YouTube video which is a long vlog/clean with me, so I can relax and watch that. I love a good long vlog anyway to chill me right out.

Friends: you can’t beat friends. Friends are my go to always, even if I just need to rant about some thing, I know my friends will always be listening to rant, and also give me some good tips and advice!

What are the things you do when you are feeling stressed?

Thank you for reading

Amy x