Day in the life when i am blogging

Hello Guys,

I wanted to do a blog post about my daily routine when i am writing a blog post and maintaining my blog, so here is what my day consists of:

7:30am-9:00: I like to wake up earlier in the morning, as i feel that i will be more productive. When i wake up, i firstly do my workout, so my workout has been done and i don’t need to keep putting it off. After this, i scroll through my social media such as twitter, instagram, facebook and pintrest. I send out a tweet, reply to tweets/dms and also like some instagram photos. Once i have caught up with everything that i like doing, this is where i will get my diary and see what i need to do for the rest of the day, any important things. I will also plan some blog posts out, plan my day out of what i will be doing on my weekly planner. I also plan the posts out by sorting the title out, layout and also taking a picture for my instagram!


9-10:30/11: Around this time, i will eat some breakfast, as i am trying to eat healthy this will consist of granola, fruit and yogurt. I like to make some breakfast and scroll through social media again lol. If i have a youtube video to catch up on, this will be when i do this. I will also get ready and put some cosy clothes on, but if i am taking outfit pics, then i will put some makeup on and i feel all fresh.

11:00-1:00: This is where i will pick up my blogging jobs again. I check my emails to check up on everything. If i am doing something for the brand, then i will make sure to reply to them. I will also take some pictures for my blog/instagram. I am quite lucky that i live near a river, so it looks pretty, but the lighting. Lighting will be such an issue in the winter as it will be dark. If i have done all my pictures/emails then i will go onto planning some more blog content, by writing down some drafts and editing some picures/videos that needs doing.

1:00-2:00: Like everyone in work, i always take an hours break. I like to eat my lunch and watch some netflix. I am trying to concentrate a lot on my health, so if there isn’t anything on netflix, i will go on to read a book or my calm book which i love. As i will spend a lot of time on my screen i like to take the time to read my calm book whilst eating my lunch.

2:00-3:00: i like to just finish a few bits off. I make sure all my blog posts i have written have been scheduled, make sure everything is edited, all emails have been replied too. I always make such a mess with notebooks around, screwed up paper, pens everywhere, such mess! I make sure to tidy this all away.

3:00-4:00: I usually yet again like to scroll through my social media and reply to my friends. My Mum usually gets in around this time, so i have a chat with her about the day.

4:00-6:00: Between 4+5:00: I like to catch up on any netflix series and youtube subscriptions. I also like to go through pintrest and get a little bit more inspiration when it comes to my instagram feed, as i doesn’t want it to get boring. At about 5:30, i like to have some dinner and socialise with my family and have a good catchup.

7:00-8:00: I like to have a bubble bath or if i am feeling lazy a shower. I love a bath with some bubbles up because this really relaxes me and helps me switch off from my phone. This will help me get ready for the nights and get into my pj’s. For the rest of the day, i will reply to youtube/blog comments and also comment on people’s blogs and instagram posts, as i like to comment on people’s hardwork.

8:00-10:00: I will be winding down for bed as i like to go to bed at about 10, so i am not tired when i am getting up the next day. I read my calm book, to calm my mind down. I also like to have a look what my day is looking like the next day. At about half 9, if i am not already in bed, i like to climb into  bed, read another book and fall asleep, as i will be tired!


What does your daily routine look like? Comment below!

Amy x