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Lets talk periods! (PCOS)

Hello Guys,

I am currently writing this blog post as i have period pains (iconic!). I thought i would write a blog post on period pains, as i feel not a lot of people on this platform/youtube really talk about periods, and it is a natural thing for women, so why isn’t it as natural to talk about it? weird.

What is PCOS? 

So, i got diagnosed with PCOS (polcystic ovary syndrome) last year. I got rushed into hospital with severe pains in my lower left side and they thought it was appendicitis, but they done an ultrasound and there were some cysts on my ovaries, and some cysts had bust, which was causing so much pain. so PCOS is a common thing that affects how the ovaries work. It can cause irregular periods (which i have a lot of), ovaries become enlarged and oily skin or acne, i am talking about what my symptoms were!

How do i deal with pains?

So, not all of my period pains are the same! Some months i don’t have a period (which is quite scary!) but when i have my period, sometimes my pain is okay, and other times i am literally in bed, in agony!

hot water bottles: I always rely on these! They are my best friends when i am on my period. I love to cosy up in bed with a hot water bottle, especially on the left side as this is where the pain usually occurs.

Healthy: When i was younger, i used to binge on all the chocolate in the world, but i tend to find when i am having period pain, i always crave chocolate, but it makes my pain worse. When i am eating healthy, this eases my pain and drinking a lot of water really helps me as well with my pain. It differs between people though, but if i am craving chocolate, it obvs doesn’t mean that i don’t eat it, cause a girl needs some chocolate in her life, but i do tend to eat a balanced diet, even when i am on my period!

medication: when i have period pains, i always take ibuprofen and paracetamol as this soothes it, i have got some stronger meds from my doctor as sometimes paracetamol doesn’t cut the pain i’m in, so if my pains are really bad, then i always will make sure to take them. *if your pain is that bad, i would go to the doctor regarding this as your doctor may be able to prescribe you a different pill if you are on the pill, or might be able to investigate what may be happening!*

Keeping exercise to a minimum: At the moment i am totally into my exercise but it makes my pain so much more worse! Around the totm (time of the month) i will tend to do no exercise if the pain is bad, or light exercise as this does help with the pain and if i sit around for too long, it’ll also make my pain worse (MAKE UP YOUR MIND GAL).

Baths: Baths are my favourite thing to have when my pain is worse. What is better than just laying in the bath, your favourite bubble bath and just loving life! I love to relax in the bath and just have a chilled night/morning with candles burning and this makes me so chilled and eases the pain.

*In no way am i a professional about PCOS and also about what to do to control period pains. If you are experiencing this, then go and speak to your GP about this*.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this.

If you have any different ways you control period pains, then let me know!

Amy x

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