Not everyone will like you?

Hello everyone,

i am doing a blog post on accepting the fact not everyone will like you.

This has taken me so so long to accept the fact not everyone will like me. I always wanted to be in the ‘popular’ group at school, but now i realised that the ‘popular’ group at school will not always be popular. I wanted to liked by everyone and wanted to do everything to make people like me.

This all changed when i went to college, i grew up, had different views and that is okay, because everyone is different. I studied health and social care at college and everyone was different. Different ages, views, career plans and opinions. It makes life more interesting as if everyone was the same, how boring would that be? Okay, by having this, not everyone will like you and you won’t like everyone either. When i started to blogging alongside my course, quite a few people found my blog and yotube, and i was kinda like oh no, but if they judged me, then so be it, i just thought well thats okay. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I thought clashing with people was a  bad thing, but this means that you are passionate about a certain subject. We learn from different views and opinoons but that is okay.

I have chosen to put some of my life online such as in the blogging world and also on the youtube world. Not everyone will like my blog posts/videos, agree with my content, how i have written my blog posts, but as long as i like the content i am putting out, then that is okay. Not everyone will like my instagram ‘theme’ but as long as i like it, then that is completely fine. Don’t feel you need to get approval from everyone, because with some people you will be waiting a very long time for that!

That is my opinion on the situation. I love the quote ‘you could be the sweetest apple, but there will always be one person that don’t like apples.’

Thank you for reading this blog post!

All the love,

Amy x

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