My fave things about a gig/concert

Hiya Guys,

I love going to gigs/concerts. i used to go to a lot of gigs/concerts, especially the up and coming singers, as loads of them deserve so much recognition and i just love going to them.

what i enjoy?

Meeting new people: I love being able to meet new people through gigs/concerts. It is so lovely to meet new people in the queue or in the gig itself. Especially at concerts/gigs, you are more likely to have a bit of in common with people, as you are supporting the same artist/band and you can talk about your memories. After as well, you can reflect on how you enjoyed the gig/concert.

The real person: It is kind of a pinch-me moment, whether they are a signed artist or unsigned, as you have probably been waiting a long time for this day to come, especially if you haven’t seen them live before, it is like they are in front of you all of a sudden.

crowd: The crowd always makes the atmosphere as the crowd is so excited and it is a buzzing atmosphere. There is also something amazing when the artist/band member recognises you. I also love the fact when the artist/band makes interaction with the crowd, talking about their tour memories, memories in general, jokes and what their favourite part of being an artist/in a band.

One reason: i LOVE the fact of the gig/concert as it is amazing because everyone there is for one reason: To support them and their dreams. It brings so many people together and the most amazing thing is that is music and the artist/band being able to do that.

Sing along: This is far by the best thing about a gig. i ALWAYS sing so loud because it is like well noone else can hear you, because they will be doing the exact same thing anyway. It has always been my little happy place.

What do you enjoy about going to gigs/concerts? and what ones have you been too?

Amy x

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