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Let’s talk social media?

Hiya guys,

Today i wanted to talk social media. Everyone uses it one way or another and i feel it has consumed a lot of our lives in some way. As a blogger and youtuber, i spend a lot of time on social media, either scrolling or promoting!

Review: I always like to review who i am following and if this entertains me or if this is making me confident. As i have gotten older and have a lot of different ideas now to back when i started following some accounts, i want to have a feed where they are inspiring and people talk about positivity, whether that is body positivity, trying to do good in the world such as charity work. I of course will follow my friends, brands i am loving, inspiration for travel or decor and fellow bloggers/youtubers that i like their content and they are putting a positive message out. I think it is so important to review your following and subscription list, to see whether you still enjoy watching these people and if they don’t make you feel good or inspired, having a little unfollow. I have done this and it makes me feel more inspired and better about myself.

Twitter; Good old twitter invented that little mute button! Whatever genius sat in a meeting and said we need a mute button, thank you! The mute button has been very handy in terms of, if i don’t want to unfollow someone but i don’t agree with what they are saying, It also doesn’t come with all the drama of why have you unfollowed me. When it comes to unfollowing and sometimes you feel guilty. I think your health and your happiness is so much more important than a little follow because it is okay to want to clean up your feed and have more of an ‘inspiring’ feed, rather than negativity all the time or drama.

Sometimes i unsubscribe/unfollow people as their content is being shown too much in my feed and i don’t necessarily want to see it all the time. This year i really want to focus on my own mental health and my journey to be a positive one, rather than worrying if people are going to cause drama because i have unfollowed them. I really enjoy influencers who really reflect their work into their feed, but once it becomes unhealthy and not good for my mental health, i sometimes need to step back and think no thank you, i don’t want to see the slimming shakes/soups/teas etc.

I hope this kinds of sums up what i am trying to say!

Amy x

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