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How to get yourself in a positive mood?

Hello guys,

Today i wanted to do a blog post about how you can get yourself in a positive mindset and mood. I understand that no-one can be in a happy mood all of the time, but there are some things that can get you out of a down mood.

  1. It’s okay to be sad: In the past i have never wanted to be sad (which sounds pathetic, because everyone gets sad) but i would feel bad that i wasn’t ‘bubbly Amy’ I think it is so important to wallow in your sadness as this helps you reflect on your feelings and what is making you feel sad. I used to think dwelling over something was bad, but i’ve realised before i can truly walk away from the situation i do have to dwell on it, accept it, move on.

2. Never compare yourself: No two people will be the same (not even twins). Focus on yourself and what you are able to do to be confident and positive.

3. Comfort food: If i am in a really bad mood, i find very good comfort in food. Chocolate, crisps, hot chocolate that kind of thing. I also enjoy going to a restaurant as it helps me get out and get involved in the atmosphere.

4. sleep: Sleep is the best thing for people. I have been reading the calm book, as this has helped me calm my mind. I also enjoy listening to calming music and this makes me feel sleepy, so i know i am able to get a good night sleep as i feel calmer.

5. Bath/shower: I love taking a nice long bath or shower. You can also reflect a lot in a bath and shower. You feel more ‘awake’ when the water has hit your body and i love it.

6. Makeup: I love putting makeup on. It makes me feel confident and really lifts my mood. Spending 10/15 minutes to put my makeup on really helps me get into the funk of the day and i will feel more positive.

7. Movies: movies is a good distraction as you are able to distract yourself into the characters lives and also the plot. If the plot is twist and turn, then it’s even better because you need to be able to concentrate on it better.

8. Quotes: quotes are very good especially positivity quotes. I also have a quote on my background, so when i go to unlock my phone, it is there infront of me. I also have a folder in my camera roll as well called quotes and i also use it for my friends as well.

9.Talking to people: I love to talk about my day to people and i think this is very good because i am talking away, i am able to talk about what is happening in my life.

i hope you enjoyed this kind of blog post!

Amy x

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