The 4 bloggers i love reading!

Hello guys,

Today, i wanted to share with you my favourite bloggers that i love reading. These bloggers all put in SO much work whether on their blog/instagram/twitter etc and they inspire me so much.

Jenny in neverland: i love reading her blog as it is so relatable and i have taken many tips from her blog and it has helped me SO much when starting a blog, also on my old blog! She is from Essex, so super close to me, so to see an Essex girl achieving so much, like go gal! She has her resources for bloggers category, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, food and disney etc. I enjoy her content so much! Blog: Twitter: @Jennymarston_xo

Bailey Leah: I love Bailey’s blog. It looks so pretty especially with all of the flatlays. Her blog focusses on lifestyle, beauty, skincare, fashion, baking etc. I love reading her blog posts and never get tired of reading them! Her recipes are fab and also i have found so much to watch on Netflix via her blog post! Defiantly go and check out Bailey: Twitter: @baileyleahblogs

Rachel: Another blog i adore. Again, all of the flat lays are so pretty. She recently done a nutella mug cake blog post and i really want to make one, it sounds so nice! Rachel blogs all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She is 18 and a student nurse (i admire her for this!) Go and give her a follow and read twitter: @worldofrachel

Brogan Tate: For so long i have loved brogan’s blog and youtube channel, especially her disney posts/videos, very jealous! Brogan blogs all things disney, lifestyle, fashion, beauty and i love her blog. I love reading her blog as it is so truthful and it is so easy to read as it all makes sense. I love her posts and photos alongside it! twitter: @brogantatexo

I hope you enjoyed this and i hope you also find some new bloggers you’ve never read before!

Amy x

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