Places to go in Brighton

Hi guys,

I have been to Brighton twice and both times i have loved it. I went last April with my family and June wit my college. I wanted to share with you my favourite places i went to:

Boho Gelato: My fave place ever! This icecream shop is so amazing and it is so pretty, perfect for instagram. All the staff in the shop are so lovely and they let you try before you buy which is perfect! The ice-creams taste exactly like the thing they are recreating. I love the carrot cake, pistachio and rhubarb one is delicious!

Smokeys: We went to smokeys to eat as i love American style food. There food is so lovely and the whole atmosphere is lovely. The plate size is massive and i couldn’t eat it all, but so much better than getting too less. Smokeys i wuld defiantly recommend to go if you want an American style dinner.

i360: I would defiantly recommend to go to the i360 on your Brighton adventures. it is lovely for piccies of course and you can see the whole overview of Brighton. You can also eat and drink up in the pod which is a lovely extra.

Brighton Marina: This is so beautiful and i loved it. There are plenty of shops around and also places to eat. You can also admire the views of the boats.

churchill square: If you love to shop i would defiantly check out churchill square as this is their main shopping centre. There is a boost, hollister, jd, millies cookies, krispy kreme and so much more. It is such a nice shopping centre and plenty of variation of shops!

Pier: Of course why wouldn’t you go to the pier. Plenty of deckchairs, views of the beach, dining and fairground rides.

If you have ever been to Brighton, let me know your favourite places in Brighton!

Love always,

Amy x

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