20 things i am happy about!

Hi guys,

I wanted to do a blog post on everything i am happy about. I love to make sure i take some time out and remind myself about what i am happy about.


•My friends (especially Liv, Dom, Han, Sab)

•Acoustic covers

•Roadtrip @roadtripTV

•my family

•Holidays i have coming up

•Summer evenings

•When someone is telling you they are proud of you

• My birthday

•Food (Dominoes always)

•Pamper evenings

•Taking cute flatlays

•discounts at my favourite shops!

•New makeup

•new books

• meeting new people

•Going for a walk

•Passing exams

• Getting emails from a brand who notice your hard work!

•City breaks!

I hope you enjoy this type of post,

what makes you happy?

Amy x

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