Practising self care

Hi guys,

Today i wanted to do a blog post on practising self care. In life, when people are stressed, it is so hard to practise self care, but it is so important.

Have a bath: It is such a nice feeling having a bath, especially a nice warm bubbly bath. It is nice just to relax with some music on, read a book and light all of your nice candles.

Going for a walk: If i want to look after myself, i will go for a walk. I am lucky to live near a river and getting some fresh air really helps me.

Something sweet: I love eating something sweet. It is so yum!

Hair/makeup: when am i feeling like i haven’t practised self care, i love putting some makeup on, so i feel more myself and i love it. I love to straighten my hair and just feel all nice.

Exercise: I am exercising everyday and i love how it makes me feel. It makes me feel motivated for the rest of the day. If you don’t enjoy exercise, do some crazy dancing or go for a walk.

music: I have a spotify playlist for each of my moods, i have acoustic, up beat and slow songs. I find it more relaxing through my headphones.

I hope you enjoy this post

Amy x

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