Lets talk: Media kits and why we need them?

Hi guys,

today i wanted to talk about media kits and why we need them. When you approach a business about a potential collaboration, professionalism is a big factor. By having a media kit, the brand is able to see what you have right infront of them. If you have a good media kit and you have all the information this will make you stand out that little bit more. I have had a few emails saying they will keep me on their data base and this means they won’t just have an email, they will also the media kit!

I am going to go through things that should be on your media kit:

your blog title: This is the main bit.

Introduction to your blog; do you cover fashion, beauty, lifestyle, music, conspiracies. Let the brand know, as them they are able to see if you are a good fit to their brand. If you have been to events; let them know or if you have won awards, this will be good

Social medias; social media is an important part of a blogger and also brands. You should put your social media handles in the media kit and also how many followers, when i done mine, i put twitter, instagram, blog and my followers, but some choose to do followers combined.

stats: Also stats are so important and unique. Adding your unique views, page views, blog views and domain authority as well.

Keep it up to date: Everytime you send a media kit, make sure it is up to date. Make sure all your followers, da, subscribers are all correct.

collaborations: Add collaborations to your media kit, as this shows that brands do want you to work with them, and how many times you have worked with the brand. Also maybe link the blog post also.

contact: Make sure you have some conatct details down their such as your blog and your email address. Brands do get a lot of PR requests, so it is important if your blog is the perfect fit to be able to contact you back on something.

what content do you offer: A lot of brands like to see what content you offer. Is it on a gifting basis or a paid basis or what do you do in terms of it (blog post, instagram story/post, tweet.) then the brand can decide what they want and you are offering.

I hope this kind of helps some of you

have you got a media kit?

Amy x

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