Why i started youtube?

Heya guys,

Today, i wanted to talk about why i started youtube. I started youtube back in 2014/15, but then no excuses, but i got so busy, i felt i couldn’t put the content out i wanted to put out.

I have just started uploading more content on there now as i love creating content on youtube and my blog as i feel my youtube channel is an extension to my blog. It feels like you can connect to more people because i feel like as you can see my face, it is more intimate and personal. I like to think the content i am putting out on my youtube channel is good, but also on my blog, as i started my blog before my youtube channel and blogging was my first love. Again, i have my youtube channel as an extension of my blog. I love vlogging (even though i am boring and i am awkward vlogging in public, but i do try!) I have

I will be blogging and creating content on my youtube channel, as i find both is very important as i want to be able to create the content i enjoy but also what other people enjoy!

I hope you liked this blog post.

Check out my youtube channel: youtube.com/amybellx


Amy x

4 thoughts on “Why i started youtube?

  1. elenxmai says:

    Congrats on getting back into YouTube! It’s such a brave thing to do – I could never film myself hahaha I’m far too awkward. x
    El | Welsh Wanderer

  2. Hannah says:

    Well done on the Youtube! I don’t think it’s something I’d enjoy but I’d also not have the confidence, so good on you for going for it x

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