things being 21 taught me!

Hello Guys,

So, my birthday is in June and i kind of wanted to do a blog post on what i have learnt in my 21 years of my life. I can’t believe how quick it is all going and i look back at things such as prom, gcse’s and everything like it was a 2/3 years ago but no it was a whole 5 nearly 6 years ago sorry what?

1.Look forward to things: Weather that is a holiday, spending time with your family and friends, look forward to it. Having the one thing to focus on, it will make time go so quick and it will make all the boring things worth while!

2.if you don’t want to drink alcohol don’t: So, i used to go out quite a lot and think if i went out, i had to drink. No hunny, no. you don’t need to drink all the time. I do like the occasional drink but since i have been on medication, i can’t drink as much, but that is fine.

3.Don’t take your health for granted: When i was younger, i got the occasional cold and throat infection and thought that was the worst thing ever, i am such a drama queen lol! But, when i had my first seizure, that’s when i really thought oh wait actually i have taken my health for granted. I would rather have loads of colds rather than that. Since i have been diagnosed with epilepsy, it has really changed my life and i have had to change my lifestyle so much.

4. Exercise will change your life; I used to hate doing exercise, i hated pe at school and now i really kind of depend on exercise for my mental health and it is such an important part of my life now. I exercise every morning and it makes me kick start my day.

5. It’s okay to say no; I used to be and sometimes still are a people pleaser. I never wanted to say no, because i didn’t want to be rude or boring? But i have learnt to say no. If i don’t feel comfortable in doing something i won’t do it. I just don’t think its necessary to say yes to everything now and have really tried to work on this a lot more.

6. Friends come and go: and that’s okay. Friends come and go, you grow apart, it might not end in an arguement but you just become 2 different kind of people. I used to think it was all me if a friendship broke down, but i look back and think we are 2 different people and grown up to be 2 different people. The memories will always be there though.

7.i love my home: I still live with my family (Mum&brother) and i love cosy days at home in my pj’s.

8. find a job you love: I hated getting that sunday dread of i don’t want to go to work and now throwing yourself out of your comfort zone is the best thing i ever done.

9. College will be the best time: I spent a lot of time at college and yes i did enjoy it, but i couldn’t wait to finish, but now i look back and the socialising was amazing and being around like minded people is the best. I actually miss education so much, as i love learning different things.

10. Meeting the best people: I have met some of the best people at the end of 2018. My galsss: Liv.Han, Dom and Sab. I feel like i’ve known them all of my life. We have similar interests and i know i can talk to them about anything and have such a good laugh with them and hopefully vice versa. I appreciate them so much and they’re always there for me whenever! love you galsss! Xxx

11. Mitchell: I kind of wanted to make a seperate title on Mitch as he has been a massive part of my life for nearly 6 years now, and he is always there for me. I know whenever i am happy, sad, proud he will always be the first one to be there for me to congratulate me and listen to my rants. I think that is so important, and he is my best friend and my rock. I think we have drifted apart so many times, but when we’re good, we are so good. I genuinely have so much to thank him for.

12. Confidence: I had 0 confidence and as soon as i came out of my comfort zone, that was it. My life turned around for the better. i was on holiday and i’ve been to the same hotel so so many times and didn’t really join in any of the games because i was so nervous talking to people. Talking to the reps and getting involved gave me the best memories on that holiday and i met the best people on that holiday and that was all down to my confidence.

13., Don’t regret: Regretting is the worst thing that i could’ve done. It has shaped me into the person i have become and it has bought me closer to some of the most amazing people.

14. Have time to yourself: This is so important for self care and it is so important to have some me time. Chill out, netflix, eat, pj’s day is great.

15. You can’t be loved, if you don’t love yourself: This is so important. If you’re not loving who you are, then how can you expect someone to love you. Obviously, i still have days when i’m like nope don’t love this, but i love it!

16. Don’t spend too much: I used to love spending money still do lol, but i realised that spending money on things i don’t need is so pointless. Not spending money is good for making more memories and being able to afford going travelling and meeting up with people.

17: Youtube and confidence: I love creating content for youtube and it has done so much for my confidence. I have learnt that i am creative and i can edit content. I just think it makes me a happier version of myself.

18. Be nice to people: Being rude or difficult will get you nowhere in life and if you don’t agree with someone just be civil and you will get nice karma come back to you.

19. Haven’t worked it all out yet?: i am 21 and i am defiantly not in the career i planned for but that’s life right. I am not really in the position i want to be in right now, but i believe everything will fall into place.

20. smiling is pretty: Being able to smile and also smiling to other people, it can make someones day and that is so important. Guaranteed if you smile at someone, they will smile back at you!

21: Stay happy ames: Be happy in the career, in your life and everything you are doing. Self explanatory!

i hope you enjoyed this type of post!
Amy x