Blogging and what it’s taught me?

Hiya guys,

I am back with a blogging and what it’s taught me blog post today.

Be consistent: This is so important. If you want to get a loyal readership then you should be consistent with your uploads. When you have a set upload time/day (mine is all over the place oops!) then i saw my views rose and my followers. Keep your followers in the loop if you are unable to post content that week because you are taking a break.

preparation: to receive negativity. There will always be people who don’t like your content and that’s okay. You have to learn to focus more on the positive comments that come your way because they are the ones that will help you grow. If i have an unnecessary comment then i will probably just delete it.

Be yourself: If you aren’t yourself then it will show. Your blog is your space and a way of expressing yourself. Honesty will always win, so let your personality come through and interact with your audience.

English: It can really broaden your vocab and that is such an amazing thing to do. It is always a nice thing to be able to read a blog that is fluent and is well written.

Camera roll: Prepare for the not enough storage, your camera roll will be full of selfies and flatlays for your instagram and blog.

Instagram: Instagram is a lovely platform to share your creativity. It allows us to be more creative. I have found so many new bloggers through instagram and i love scrolling down my feed and seeing some beautiful photos.

Blogging is not easy: You have to find that life and blogging balance, once you have found that, then you will be blogging non stop. I love blogging and the platform it gives me. Even though sometimes you feel like you have hit a wall, take a break and you will come back to it!

What has blogging taught you?

Once again, thank you so much to my lovely readers!

Amy x