Desk essentials

Hi guys,

i am so sorry about the lack of blog posts but i am back! I wanted to do a desk space blog post today as i feel when i am writing blog posts or editing videos, it helps me to feel more motivated when having these things.

Add some quotes: If you feel demotivated to do the things on your to do list, add some motivational quotes. Pick quotes that you like and will help you feel more motivated. I love the quote ‘It’s a bad day not a bad life, and if you are having a bad day, turn it into a good day by doing things you enjoy doing.’

Planner: Get a desk planner to help you with your to do list. Having a planner helps you know what you need to do as a priority. I always use a Sunday to write my plans down as it is just before a fresh week. You can even get cute ones from Poundland!

Bottle of water: If you are at your desk a lot of the time, then you need to stay hydrated. Having a big bottle of water will help you, so you don’t need to keep getting up and you may lose motivation.

Stationary: I love stationary, especially pretty ones. I have a makeup brush holder as i did get a new one, so i have put all my pens, pencils, rubbers in there. It’s always good to scribble down some important information.

Fragrance; I love a good fragrance. I always put some on during the day to feel fresh.

Snacks: I for one can’t concentrate if i am hungry. As i am eating healthy now, i always tend to have a health bar near me so if i am feeling peckish i am able to just have a quick snack.

Candles; same as the fragrance one, having a nice candle burning can just freshen the room up a bit more. It can also make you feel more relaxed as well.

What are your desk essentials?

Amy x