‘would you rather tag’

Hi guys,

Welcome back to my blog. Today, i wanted to just do a super chilled tag and there are 10 questions in this. I was reading the lovely Ellie’s blog and i came across the tag, so all of her socials will be linked at the bottom: here is the blog post: https://ellieslittleworldxox.wordpress.com/2019/02/03/the-would-you-rather-tag/

1. Would you rather never be able to know the time or never know what day it was?Never know the time, as i really would not enjoy not knowing what day it was, imagine not getting that Friday feeling!

2. Would you rather always shout or whisper? Whisper as shouting would draw way more attention to yourself and your conversation and i wouldn’t want other people to know what i was chatting about.

3. Would you rather get 10 piercings or 10 tattoos (consecutively)? Hm, good question. My piercings always reject for some reason, so it would have to be 10 tattoos. It would be very creative as well, because you can keep designing or looking up designs for your newest tattoo.

4. Would you rather be able to talk to cats or dogs? Dogs. I love dogs.

5. Would you rather have your phone’s pictures or texts exposed? Pictures as some of my text messages to my friends are crazy and they wouldn’t understand our sense of humour lol! so defiantly pictures- i post majority of my pictures anyway lol!

6. Would you rather be famous and well known, or famous yet anonymous? (Hopefully that makes sense, like Banksy haha). Oooh tough one! Probably anonymous, because I would get fed up of all the attention all the time, and I could go about my day as normal.

7. Would you rather never be able to dream at night or never daydream? Never day dream, i spent majority of my time day dreaming, so if i could never dream i would be more proactive. So i would love to just dream at night, as thats when you should be dreaming.

8. Would you rather it always be dark outside and warm, or light outside and cold? I hate the dark, it makes me feel so tired aha. So, defiantly light outside and cold, even though i’d miss the hear!

9. Would you rather have really long fingernails or toenails? fingernails, as i bite mine , so i would like to have them to have pretty nails.

10. Would you rather wear the same outfit everyday or wear a different outfit each day but everything has to be neon? same outfit as neon does not suit me at all.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post.

Amy x

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