friendships from a boyband.


i am back with a personal blog post today, as i have some thank you’s that i want to do.

Liv: Liv a little, livcha. I remember stumbling over your twitter as you were tweeting roadtrip back in September, and you seemed such a genuine, lovely person. I remember our DM’s like it was yesterday, but it wasn’t just yesterday, it was 6 months ago and to me that is crazy. You are the person i speak to everyday without fail, and i know you are there for me through the ups and the downs, even though we have only known each other 6 months i hope you know that i am always there for you, and you have easily become one of my closest friends. I can’t believe a boyband, a 5 piece can create such good friendships like ours. I can’t wait to meet you at some point. I hope you know you deserve the world and more. Also i met Liv when she was ‘ryesmisfit’ here we are ‘flipsidefowler’ and i knew she was an Andy gal before she knew she was an Andy gal, a fellow andy girl just knows okay😜. Thank you for being part of my life always, and sharing so many stories/laughs with me. Andy adores you more than you will ever know, he will forever adore your edits and as will i. You are beautiful inside and out!Hope to see you v soon, palsyotfs xxx (i love you lots!)

Dom:Thank you so much to you for being part of my life. Again, meeting through a boyband and creating such a lovely friendship. I met you in October and again can count you as a lovely close friend as mine. You never get involved in things you don’t need to get involved in, simply because you are so lovely and so generous. You deserve so much more than sometimes you are given. I wanted to thank you for all of the things you have done for me and even though we don’t talk every single day, i am here for you, and i know you are there for me. Thank you for making me laugh as well and i hope to see you very soon!! You have so much to be proud of. In the words of AF ‘You’re mine’ will never get old, ever. Love you endlessly xxx

Han: My irish buddy, blairsteacup: The gal that can make me laugh until i cry. You are the most funniest, saltiest person i know. You have the biggest heart though. I have lit made so many funny memories with you already, them facetimes we have are always so so random and blairsteacup will never get old. I love the gossips we have and the endless chats. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me and always being there for a chat and i hope you know i will be here for you always. You deserve everything positive. I can’t believe we have a lovely friendship from a boyband and i hope you get to see the boys v soon, preferably in belfast. I love you lots xxx

Sab: My german galll. I love you so much. You have a heart of gold and we don’t talk everyday, but you are the sweetest gal ever. We are basically the same age and we are on each other’s wave length. You deserve all the happiness and positive vibes always. You are so selfless by putting people before yourself and i aspire to be like you.. Even though, you’re in Germany, you’re never far away from a DM. I can’t wait to meet you soon hopefully. I hope its sooner rather than later. Thank you for everything.
Ich liebe dich xxx

Thank you to all my gals, i am forever grateful for you all. You are all beautiful inside out. Soz for the cheese, but sometimes people need to be appreciated and given the appreciation they all deserve.

“Thank you for being an important part of my story.” -I can’t wait to meet you and make tonnes more memories throughout my life and you are all such a massive part of my life.

‘Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life’ -Roadtrip

Amy Xxx