Lets talk: Self love&confidence

Hiya Guys,

Today i wanted to talk about self love and self confidence. A lot of people are talking about this recently about the likes of instagram and losing our self confidence from it. There is actually an instagram page now, that dedicates the ‘perfect bodies’ and their ‘reality bodies’ and i think that a lot of people need to see that, because there is no such thing as a perfect body, what your perfect body may look like, may be completely different to someone else’s perfect body.

It takes so much time and care to start feeling confident in ourselves. You don’t just wake up one morning and think i am confident today. No, you have to re programme your brain to think that way, because every single sentence or word is hardwired into our brain. It’s the actual thoughts in our brain that create the confidence, not the results we are seeing. You always think if i become slimmer, when i get an A*, when i get a job i want etc… And yes, after all that we do feel confident in ourselves and that’t not them things that actually make us confident. It is how you are feeling and how you are thinking that has given you the confidence to think, yes, i can do that. We allowed ourselves to become more confident in our abilities after them things have happened. Yes, you have achieved them things you wanted to achieve, but people always want more. We want an even better body, an even better grade, an even better job/role

My journey: My journey with self confidence and self love is still ongoing, but the things i worried about before, doesn’t worry me as much anymore. So for example, i was on holiday last year, i was self concious about my weight, i didn’t like the way i looked and yes i did compare myself to other girls a similar age with their toned stomachs and thighs, things i didn’t have. It was at the beginning of this year, that i thought i need to change this. I worked out, yes i have lost weight, but it has done some amazing things for my mental health. I wanted to come on here and kind of give you an insight into my story. I sat down and thought if i am feeling that way about my weight, then other people must be feeling it too. There will always be something someone wants to change about themselves. I realised people wasn’t looking at me, analysing every part of me, that was in my mind, because of the self doubt and my self esteem being so low. They were on holiday having a relaxing and fun time, they don’t know me, so actually even if they were judging, i don’t care as much anymore, i care more about the people around me who i love and what they think. Your mind can be a very toxic place if you let it be. It can start overthinking things and things that aren’t even there.

‘you cannot truly love another, until you know how to love yourself.’ I love this quote. How can you expect to love someone else if you don’t show that love to yourself, but also how do you expect someone to love you if you don’t love yourself either. They can call you beautiful, but actually you’re dismissing it, because of you not giving yourself love that everyone deserves. True love starts with yourself and then it reflects onto other people.

I used to really be embarrased i suppose of starting youtube, this is why i had my old blog because i didn’t want anyone to know that i was blogging and putting myself on social media. I don’t know why i was embarrased, i think at school i was a very shy person, so having a blogging platform let me be myself and i wasn’t confident in myself. It was just after school, i created a youtube channel and started putting a few videos out, hoping that no one would find out. I told no one that i was starting a youtube channel, even though it was my passion and hobby, i just thought people would take the mick! But i want to tell you one piece of advice that i would tell my younger self, never let anyone take the mick out of your hobbies and passion, everyone is born to be different and if you enjoy doing what you do, don’t give up. Who has watched the cinderella story, my favourite quote from that is ‘Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.’ Don’t think about what anyone else is doing, this is your life, if you’re happy stick at it, and it’ll all work out in the end.

self love and self confidence is so important. Focus on your own journey and path and the rest will follow. What you see in a vlog, on instagram and twitter is that quite frankly people have their sh*t together, but 99.9% of the time that’s what they choose to put out and i do the exact same. I put out a vlog of my best bits, a picture of my favourite memories, but sometimes you can be feeling very low and you want the comments as a pick me up, but soon enough you’ll be able to say to them people who say ‘wow you’re pretty.’ Thank you, i know i am. Don’t be afraid to say that, that i exactly when you know you have self love and confidence in yourself.

I want you all to know that despite seeming confident online, thats my forte, blogging and the youtube world is my passion, it’s what I have been doing for a number of years,so of course I’m confident when talking about it. I want you to know that I’m totally human, I’m just me, a normal girl from Hertfordshire,with insecurities just like you. What you often see on the outside isn’t always reflected on the inside and that is so important to remember.

Let’s have a chat in comments/DM’s about it. Comment your favourite part about yourself, don’t be shy!!!

Amy x

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