tips for new bloggers!

first of all-Happy Easter weekend!!! I am writing this blog post, with the doors and windows open and it’s such a lovely day in England. The sun is shining, there is a long weekend and it’s just lush! Let me know what you guys are going to be up too this Easter weekend?

i wanted to do a blog post about tips for new bloggers, i think blogging has become the in thing and it’s very scary starting a blog but also very exciting. When i first started my blog, i started on blogger, but i was so excited about starting a blog, but also very nervous- so here’s my top tips

what you want to talk about: What do you feel passionate about and what do you enjoy writing. Is it fashion, beauty, lifestyle, mental health? find your cliche, and explore different things about what you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy writing a blog post, i feel that your readers won’t be able to connect with you if that is the case. Don’t follow the crowd, but follow your heart on what content you want to put out on your blog. I used to do creative writing in secondary school and loved writing, so i put them words but onto my blog.

The blogging community: I love getting involved with the blogging community, weather that is reading and supporting someones blog (if you comment and show support they are more likely to check out your blog too!), using hashtags on twitter such as #bloggergals,#bloggingcommunity, and getting involved with the blogger chats. I love meeting new bloggers, as i love to spend some time getting to know the person behind the blog! If you want a chat: Twitter: @amy_bellxx

FUN: Have fun with your blog. It should’ve been my top tip, have fun with your blog. Experiment with your blog posts and just find some fun in blogging, because it is fun and i love it.

Don’t buy followers; I can’t stress this enough. Grow organic followings. I understand when you see your fave bloggers having followers, but chances are they didn’t buy them followers, they grew them organically and have a good following. Some people just sometimes want the success to happen overnight, but unfortuantely it doesn’t happen that way. Having fun with your blog, having a chat with other bloggers and getting involved within the blogging community is the best bit.

Inspo: Inspiration is the best part. It is everywhere in the blogging world, if you don’t know how to write something or you’re in a bloggers rut, take some inspiration from other bloggers, but never copy.

having organisation: organisation is probably the best tip i can offer. Organise what blog posts you’ll be putting out and having a schedule, i have gone so off my schedule, but that is because i have been in a bloggers rut, and i don’t want to put out content i don’t enjoy writing. But have a schedule, as this will actually build up your following, as people know when they can expect a blog post to go live and what time. Maybe organise your blog posts, example: Mental health mondays, weekly goals on a friday etc..

i hope this has given you some sort of tips to start your blog. If you are a new blogger, comment and i’ll check it out, i love reading new blogs!
Amy x

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