Happy Birthday Han💞 (Open letter)

Happy Birthday x

Today is an open letter day on a special day. It is one of my close friends, Hannah’s birthday. So, here is a special open letter for you:

First of all, Happy birthday. It’s your Birthday gallll, my fave Irish gal and always Blairsteacup😉. I hope you have the most loveliest of days, i just wanted to take this day to say a few things:

Thank you for being in my life, i have only known you a few months, but it feels like i have known you for years. You are such a funny girl and you always make me laugh weather that is on facetime or on DM’s. Thank you for always being there for me, weather that is sharing successes or emotional times, i am so lucky to have someone like you in my life. We met through 5 crazy boys aka roadtrip and i am so grateful for that.

You never know where this crazy year and age will take you, but i will be there cheering you on. I hope this is the year and age you smile a lot, you learn a lot and you make all the special memories and happy memories you deserve. I am so sad i am not there with you on your birthday to celebrate with you, but hopefully i will see you soon. I am glad that you are in my life and you have become such a close friend of mine and an important person in my life, not just in mine, but everyone else’s lives that you know. I hope your birthday wishes come true and you eat the best cake and whatever else you want!

i LOVE you forever and always my angel and i can’t wait to hopefully see you soon

Amy x