Barcelona guide and facts:

Hi Guys,

Long time no see!!! I have been away for a week from the 21st May-28th. We stayed in the hotel we always stay at and i will link the blog post to that hotel here as it is on my old blog: we are actually going back at the end of july as well for 2 weeks, so very excited. where we stay is about an hour away from Barcelona on the shuttle for about €5 and fly into Girona!

I wanted to do a little travel guide to Barcelona, as i know a lot of people tend to visit Barcelona, and it is possibly one of my fave cities!

So when you arrive into Barcelona you have probably come by aeroplane and arrived into Barcelona Airport – El Prat (BCN) and it is actually one of the biggest airports- boasting a 2 terminal buildings. If you are flying with a more boasted airline such as TUI, you are more likely to fly into the T1 terminal, but airlines such as ryanair and easyjet fly into T2.

so when you arrive into Barcelona to get into the city, you can take a taxi and quick tip the taxis which are black with yellow door handles are the registered taxis! As in London, the taxis are metered into the city centre costing around €25/€30.

Airport bus: This is possibly the most effective way of getting into Barcelona as there are no changes and can cost as little €5 and takes around 20 minutes to the top of La Rambla. As in the stations in England there are ticket machines and staff.

Train: The train is situated just outside of terminal 2, and you can get the train into Barcelona Sants,passeig de Gracia which is connected to the metro. This takes around 30-40 minutes.

car: if you are thinking of getting a car into Barcelona, there are plenty of car rentals: It is located inside both terminals. As in London, Barcelona does get very congested so bare that in mind

Costs of food/drink:

The average cost of food and drink in barcelona: for breakfast you can get a croissant, coffee/juice for around €5. Glass of wine: €5-6, tapas: €6-10, icecream €3, and a 3 course meal could be anything from: €10-16. Of course, when you are near the tourist attractions, the prices will go up.

How to get around Barcelona?

walking: the free alternative. I also love walking around cities, as you can also see more, when walking around and can stop and look at the lovely attractions/buildings. There are some areas where there are pretty steep hills, so if you don’t like steep hills then be a bit more cautious when doing this, but all in all, Barcelona is easy to walk around.

Bike: There are a lot of bike rentals around Barcelona and if you enjoy cycling, then perfect. This company offers daily electric bike tours. They also offer admission into different attractions as well. Ranges from around €30-70. It can also cost around €10-15 to hire a bike.

Metro: So another easier way to get around, zone 1 card will cost €3. if you are staying in Barcelona, you can pick up a hola BCN! tourist card which is affordable. It can give you access around Barcelona for 2-5 days. For 2 days it will cost you €15 but can use the metro, bus, train and cable cars.

Taxi: If you want to get to places in a taxi, make sure again to check out for a phot card in the window and the yellow door handles.

Driving: Again, driving wouldn’t be my main idea. If you do want to go outside of Barcelona to where i normally stay in Costa Brava (pineda) then it’s a nice roadtrip and isn’t congested unlike the big city of Barcelona.

My favourite things to see:

  • Sagrada Familia: Tickets cost around €17-32 depending on if you want a basic tour or guided tour! A guided tour is of course more informative!
  • La Rambla: Of course one of the famous boulevards in Barcelona. The main attractions, entertainment and shopping places.
  • Camp Nou: For all you football fans, defiantly a must see! I loved camp Nou. I would defiantly recommend the tour. PRICES:
  • Adults: €26.00.
  • Children between 6 to 13 years: €20.00.
  • Students with a student card: €22.50.
  • Pensioners aged 65+ years: €20.00.
  • Children five years and under: Free.
  • Mercado de la Boqueria near the famous shopping street Las Ramblas. Even though the market is very popular with tourists and therefore quite crowded, it is amazing to walk up and down to find fish, vegetable and meat vendors. Here you can also get incredibly cheap fruit juices. 
  • Barceloneta beach: There are a tonne of different activities at this beach and the most well known beach in the city.
  • Port vell: This is so beautiful and it is a harbour beachfront, perfect for them insta’s;)
  • Pizzeria Da Nanni: The best pizza. I loved this pizza, it is so beautiful and yum
  • Tapas: Carrer Blai is a street with a load of resturants and bars perfect for tapas hopping. If you want a seat around 7-7:30 is the perfect time to get there. It is around €1 for pincho which is a tapas served on a bit of bread.
Camp nou!
Sagrada Familia
La Rambla

Few helpful tips:

  • Don’t carry all your cash: Leave some cash in the hotel safe as this is a tourist attraction, so there are bound to be pick pocketers. Make sure to just carry enough cash that you will need
  • prebook tickets: You can just go straight up and not wait in line, as this can get very busy. Make sure to especially book in the summer months.
  • The most busiest city for nightlife and not many people start going out until around Midnight.
  • Spanish and Catalan: There are 2 languages that are spoken around Barcelona. Helpful:
  • Hello: Hola Goodbye: Spanish: Adios Catalan: adèu, excuse me: Perdóneme catalan: disculpeu-me, ask for the bill: catalan: podeu portar el compte si us plau spanish: me puede dar la cuenta por favour. Just some lil tips!
  • Meal times: I love eating when the locals eat and this is a lot later then you may tend to eat. it may be between 1-4pm when eating your lunch and then at dinner: between 9-10 they tend to eat of an evening.
  • PLan time: This may have to be done wisely as there are a lot of things to do and see in Barcelona.
  • tips: In Barcelona it is not a lot, and is less than around 5%.

I hope you have found this somewhat useful. If you are heading to Barcelona- let me know and have a fab holiday!!

Amy x