The A-Z Of Me

Hi Guys, i hope you are enjoying my meet the q and a series on a Wednesday and you are learning a bit more about certain subjects! Today it’s just going to be a me blog post, where you can find out a bit about me. I love these blog posts as you can gain an insight into someone you are reading aka me, this blog post!

Let’s begin!

A- Amy: Nice to meet you, my name is Amy!

BBlogging: my fave thing. I have recently got back into blogging and i am loving it, i feel so inspired and i can’t wait for you guys to read my other blog posts i have lined up!

C: Crisps- i am obsessed with crisps oops! Pringles more specifically

D: Dom, one of my besties! Ily x

E: Emojis- who doesn’t love an emoji? I am such a emoji person!!

F: Friends and family: you can’t beat friends and family. I cherish them so much!

G:Gym: I have fully got back into the gym and i love how it is impacting not just my physical health but my mental health!

H: Holidays: I love being on holiday as it is just so nice to eat what you want/do what you want!!! 3 more weeks!!

I: Ipad: I love my ipad, it is so easy for travelling- as i can just download neflix series and it’s the best.

J: Jokes: funny jokes are just the best.

K: Keeping up with the Kardashians my guilty pleasure.. oops!

L: Liv: My fave gal ever, one of my best friends and my wing gallll, thank u. I love you x

M; Mum: I love my Mum to pieces and i am so grateful for her!! Such an angel x

N: Naked smoothies– the best smoothies! I am obsessed! The blue machine is one of my faves!

O: Olives: I used to hate olives- but since i have tried the nandos olives i am obsessed!

P: Parties- i have a lot of parties planned: family/friends and i love a good excuse for a party!

Q: Quotes: I love a good motivational quote- it might be the blogger/instagrammer in me, i always have to have a good monday morning quote for the rest of the week! Quote of the week today is ‘you must do the things you think you cannot do’

R: Rest- I have realised how much you don’t want to rest, you have to rest- it is so good for your body!!!

S: Soft sweets- i love soft sweets at the moment- haribos yum!!

T: Tea, i sound like a proper British person haha!!!

U: Urban decay: I have been loving that brand so much- especially the all nighter setting spray!

V: VSCO: This is the app i use to edit my photos, brightness/saturation/sharpen etc! I have been loving VSCO.

W: Wet brush: I love using this when i come out of the shower, it is so much easier to brush your hair!

X: I can’t think of anything ah!!!

Y: Yogurts: i have been loving yogurts at the moment- especially because i want to be eating healthier!

Z: Zoeva– Their brushes are amazing! If you haven’t tried them, try them!

I hope you enjoyed this style of blog post!!

Love always,

Amy x

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