Body confidence and holidays..

Heya Guys,

I wanted to do more of a body confidence whilst on holiday blog post today as it’s coming up to summer but also i am going on holiday in less than 2 weeks. Let’s get personal..

My weight tends to fluctuates, like everyone’s. I could be exercising everyday and eating healthily and one day i’ll feel fit and the next bloated. I have a condition called polycystic ovaries and this can cause a hormonal balance, weight gain and irregular periods. So first of all, weight gain and irregular periods, periods make you bloated and weight gain on top of that. Let me show you a photo of a week difference: no period v period, Baring in mind, i eat the same and worked out the same..

So when someone says ‘are you bikini body’ well yes you are. You have a body, put the bikini on and you have your bikini body. I don’t know why it is so easier said than done, i think it is because what people portray on social media and brands on their websites, some websites ‘plus size models’ aren’t even plus sized, which makes me super sad. I always feel like following people on instagram that have ‘the perfect body’ had a negative impact, so i had to unfollow them. I always think my belly is too podgy to wear a bikini and i have to cover up with a swim suit or i am too pale. I know your body is your body and you will never be the same size/shape as someone else, but i am being totally honest with everyone. No matter what size/shape someone is, we all have something on our body we don’t like but other people love. I am not too fond of my legs, but my friend said she liked my legs, its all preference.

I remember my holiday back in may i wasn’t feeling that normal ‘yay holiday time’, i was too hung up on my body weight and that is so sad. Pre-holiday prep should be fun and amazing not wondering if you should be getting into a bikini, sad but true. This holiday i am excited, but i have had a lot of stomach/cyst issues this month and once again i am in a slump about my weight gain, but now i am taking some medication, the bloating has gone down a lot, but i still feel chubby, and i know, being honest, if i didn’t have a holiday, i probably wouldn’t care what i would look like, i think it’s the whole ‘bikini’ thing of being bikini body ready, when in reality, it shouldn’t matter really. some days i love my body and others i just don’t. I am trying to have a positive outlook on my pre-holiday.

I think as people, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to have a perfect body, but if you are looking after your body in the right way and eating healthier and doing exercise, you are still giving your body what it needs. Once you get on holiday, other people are worrying about how they look, just like you are, and it doesn’t matter. Noone is looking at you, they are there enjoying there holiday and relaxing. Fake it until you make it, honestly my biggest quote. If you fake it till you make it, you will start believing that you are beautiful just the way you are. Never forget that, some people don’t know you. I am going to a hotel that i know some people, but they probably don’t remember what you looked like, they only know that version of yourself. I am all inclusive so i know i’ll be eating food, drinking cocktails, living my best life and i know the feeling of the pre holiday nerves will soon go whilst i am having fun. Take the dress off and reveal that amazing bikini you recently bought, getting new swimwear also makes you feel much more confident. Like me, i don’t really like the bottom of my belly, so i tend to wear high waisted bikini bottoms, and it can make me feel more body confident.

If you are going away, have THE best time and don’t let your body confidence ruin it for you. ‘its not about the size you are, but the way you wear that size’

All my love

Amy x

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