working from home? How to stay motivated!

Hi Guys,

I currently work from home doing client branding but i also work heavily on my blog. I love working from home, but how do i stay motivated? Here are some of my top tips to stay motivated working from home!

Start your day off right:

This would defiantly be my first tip. It is so easy to just stay in bed and work from your bedroom, but that is not the way to go about it, think bed is for sleeping and chilling and your desk is for working. Which leads me onto my next point..


Set up your own workspace, like you normally would at a job in an office. Find somewhere away from distractions and mess. I normally work from my dining room table, as i don’t have room for a desk and sometimes i even work from the sofa if i’m feeling chilled. Make sure to have all your things at hand like your stationary such as: pens, notebooks, diaries and make the use of these things. I always have a cup of tea as well, as it does keep me going!

Make a schedule/routine:

You can get so caught up with working, you may forget to take a lunch break. Having a schedule can really divide your time up. I like to do morning and afternoon schedules. My planner from paperchase has been a life saviour and i love it! It is the perfect size. If you know you have deadlines/important emails make sure to do these in the morning.

Avoid distractions:

I am such a sucker for getting a message/tweet etc and thinking i have to check it straight away, well once you check that one message you find yourself scrolling through the timeline/instagram feed and getting into a conversation. Limit your distractions as this does lead to procrastination, and that is never good. Set yourself goals and once you have done that, then have a break for social media.

Social life:

Still maintain a social life. If you have worked in an office before, you might miss the office chats/banter and that is possibly the worst. Make sure to still socialise with others and go to parties/drink out etc. Just because you work from home, doesn’t mean you should be missing out on all the fun!!

Last but not least: Get ready:

now, it is so easy to want to dress down in your pjs and dressing gown, but no. That doesn’t make you want to be productive. As Russel crowe says ‘it is important to dress for success.’ love that quote. Treat it like a outside job, put some makeup on if you like, dress in a nice outfit, brush your hair, have a nice breakfast. I also set an alarm for 7am sometimes 7;30, like when i was at my old job, to motivate myself and feel like i’m going out to a job. But, if you’re better than me and you can be productive in your dress down clothes, then do that.

i hope this motivates you and if you work from home, what motivates you?

Amy x

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