Q AND A: Meet up and coming singer; Joseph Morris :

Hi everyone, welcome back to ‘meet the…Q&A series’. Happy Wednesday! Today, i wanted to do a get started with music Q&A, i bought in my good pal Joseph, to help with this one. I have supported him and his music since 2014, and it’s crazy how 5 years in, how much he has achieved.

Q: Hi Joseph, thank you for coming and talking about music on this post. Can you tell everyone a bit about yourself? What you do?

A: My pleasure. So I’m a recording artist & songwriter from Essex in the UK. I’m quite versatile in what I can write for, but when it comes to myself I’d like to say I was a modern pop artist & writer.A:

Q: Congratulations on your new single release (which will be linked below), ‘searching for you’, tell me, what was the inspiration behind searching for you, what made you decide to write that song? What was the message you wanted to get across?

A: Thank you! Well “Searching For You” is the beginning to the EP which will be coming out this year. The EP itself tells a story, throughout different stages, of what is quite a complicated love story. My next singles “Devoted” & “When We Met” coming will also be featuring on the EP with a couple extra bonus tracks

Searching for you, out NOW!

Q: I have supported you since 2014 and seen how much you have grown personally and professionally, what changes have you seen in yourself?

A: The biggest thing for me in the years that I could say I’ve been in this industry, is finding myself as my own artist. I used to enjoy doing the circuit where I’d do about 3/4 covers & be on a show etc & it did put my name out to some fans, but the biggest thing off the back of that is what I’m now doing with my own projects so people believe in me as an artist & person & so they can see what I want to tell through my songs.

Q: In your earliest memories, have you always sung and who inspired you to start singing and song writing?

A: I feel like it was just always in me to do both. I started writing songs as an outlet because school for a lot of people, is a tough time so I needed a way to get my thoughts & feelings out.

Q: Out of all the songs you have recorded/wrote, what song is your favourite and why?:

A: Very hard question because every song I write comes from somewhere personal & the end result always blows me away! But I’ll say I’m very proud of how “Searching For You” is performing! I’m happy it’s being received well!

Q: What does your average day look like?

A: no 2 days are the same! Right now I’m working in Tenerife gigging in Guía de Isora which is going great! There’s a lot of writing I tend to do during the days.

Q: What venues/events is your favourite to do and why?

A: it’s hard to pin point a particular favourite because every opportunity I’ve been given has led to something, but I think I’ll throw it back to View My Gig in Wolverhampton, where I was on the bill with Jordan O’Keefe who was on Britain’s Got Talent at the time, because everything from there came from this opportunity so thank you Adam Cornes (also supporting JAMES ARTHUR at Shardfest Birmingham in 2016 was INSANE!).

Q: what is your favourite/least favourite part of being in the music industry?
A: both answers are the same: the journey. The journey because it brings both ups & downs, but because music is who i am & what I’m about? I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Q: What are your goals for the future with your music?

A: every artists dream is to have a record that’ll chart. That for me is my goal at the moment.

Q: In your music career, what are your biggest achievements?

A: the artist I’ve played with, supported, so far has been quite cool but my biggest achievement i would say, is the fact I’m putting my music out there for people to hear. It’s a massive thing to be able to feel confident enough as an artist to do so, so that for me is major.A:

Q: What is your favourite song currently in the charts?

A: I really like “Senorita” by Shawn Mendes & Camilla Cabello. Great tune!

Q: Are you planning to collaborate with anyone in the future? Who would be your dream collaboration?

A: no plans in place as such, but never say never. If I got to pick one dream collaboration? Would probably either be Ed Sheeran or James Arthur.

Q: What’s your favourite genre to write?

A: I love writing Pop, but meaningful pop.

Q: Do you write from personal experiences?

A: for myself? Of course.

Q: If anyone is looking to break into the music industry, what would your tips be?

A: practice, find your sound & stay true to yourself. Never give up. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I won’t stop until I am.

Q: If you could change anything about the industry what would it be?

A: speaking from my very earlier days, with a lot of venues, they get away with giving artists “experience & exposure”, when you’re a musician & it’s your full time thing, you can’t live off of exposure. I guess I’d say it’s only fair that if you’re an events coordinator/manager etc & you want live entertainment? Pay the entertainment. There’s a budget for it always. More equality I’d say.

Q: Do you have any plans for upcoming shows?

A: nothing set in stone yet, but looking toward 2020…

Q: Could you briefly describe the music making process?

A: Emotional. Thrilling. 

Q: What is next for you?

A: after the EP is out, I’ll be looking at putting together more records, more singles, building toward my debut album in the next few years!

Q: Finally, what would you like to say to the people who support you?

A: thank you for your tireless support. Means the world to know you’ve got my back through the ups & downs… right now is our time to make people see what I can do! Thank you & I love you all. JM x

Thank you so much to Joe for allowing me to interview him and be part of this meet the q and a series. Loved doing this.

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