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Hi guys, welcome back to another q and a meet the blog post! I love doing makeup, but in no way shape or form am i a ‘pro’ at makeup, so i invited Emel to talk all things makeup/skin care! It was nice to talk to Emel, as i used to go to school with her, so getting people involved who you know is lovely!

Q&A Time..

Q:First of all, thank you for collaborating on this post with me, tell everyone a bit about yourself?

A: You’re so welcome! I was so excited to be asked. I’m 22 years old and live in Hertfordshire,I’m a makeup enthusiast and have been for 10 years now.

Q: When did you first discover your passion for makeup?

A: I first discovered my love for makeup through art,I was always creative growing up and when I got into secondary school, I started expressing my passion in different ways and the main one was having fun with makeup.

Q: You’re very talented at doing your makeup and versatile, what are your favourite makeup looks to do?

A: Thank you so much! I love and appreciate all types of makeup looks but the more colourful and creative looks are my favourite to do because you can go crazy and have such a good time creating something different.

Q: Did you do a makeup course or are you self taught?

A: I’m self taught, although I would like to go on a makeup course in the future. Learning to do makeup is all trail and error really along with loads of practice.

Q: Who and what are your inspirations when you do your makeup?

A: I dont have specific people who inspire me although I love the pixiwoo girls. I get most of my inspiration from being out and seeing colours I think work together, also my mood inspires me, if I’m feeling moody I subconsciously end up doing darker looks and if I’m feeling happy or excited I go for something more colourful.

Q: If you could do anyones makeup, who would it be?

A: surprisingly I haven’t thought about this much! So I don’t have a celeb in mind who’s makeup I’d like to do. I’d just love to do someones makeup who doesn’t usually wear any so I could see the contrast and the persons reaction.

Q: What are your favourite high end products?

A: my favourite high end products are both by Laura Mercier. I love the silk creme moisturising photo edition foundation (longest name ever!!!) It makes your skin look amazing,I also love to use the translucent loose setting powder along side the foundation, its so smoothing on the skin!

Q: Favourite drugstore products?

A: the collection lasting perfection concealer is my favourite! It’s only £3.99 and great coverage so such good value for the money. My other drugstore favourites are the girls with attitude lashes,I get mind from savers and I cant get enough of them! I’ve been using them for years and would highly recommend especially to people who are new to false lashes.

Q: When doing your makeup, what brushes would you recommend using?

A: beauty bay actually have their own brand of brushes now which I was really impressed with! I also love morphe, real techniques and zoeva.

Q: Have you ever looked back at your makeup and didn’t like it back when you first started doing makeup?

A: yes 100%!! I used to have the clumpiest spider lash mascara and concealer lips! Looking back on it now it makes me cringe.

Q: What product do you usually avoid using?

A: I tend to avoid red lipstick,I absolutely adore how it looks on other people but can never seem to get it to suit me.

Q: If i wanted to do a quick makeup look, can you recommend any products and tips i should use?

A: Firstly, make sure your skin is freshly washed and always make sure its hydrated so it looks glowy! (We all want that natural glow, right?) I would then recommend using concealer, but only where you really need it, a touch of mascara and cream blush then a flick of brow gel and a clear gloss or balm on the lips. If you have oily skin then just apply a little bit of translucent powder to your oily areas!

Q: Favourite skin care products?

A: My favourite skin care products are the visibly clear spot stress control daily scrub by neutrogena,I started using this when I suffered from acne and i love it. I also really like to use salicylic acid on any breakouts to either prevent them or try to help reduce them,I get mine from the brand The ordinary, it works wonders! Also from the ordinary I really recommend the Niacinamide and zinc,its amazing for breakout scars and super affordable.

Q: What goals do you have set out to do with makeup?

A: my main goals are to be more consistent with makeup uploads to my beauty page on Instagram (@emelrubybeauty) and my youtube channel. But in the long term I’d like to have my own makeup studio.

Q: What do you love/dislike most about doing makeup?

A: I love the relaxation I get from doing my own makeup! It’s like therapy for me. I don’t have much of a chance to be creative day to day so it’s my creative outlet. Theres not much I don’t like about doing makeup but my main one is having to wash the brushes haha!

Q: What age did you begin to use makeup?

A: I started wearing makeup when I was around 12 years old,I wore it every day in secondary school but never really got seriously into it until i was about 17.

Q: If you could tell 16 your old self, what would it be?

A:  I would tell my 16 year old self to stop being so self conscious about my looks and people seeing me without makeup. As I’ve got older I’ve learned to love my natural self and take it as a compliment if people say I look different without makeup,that must mean my makeup skills are on point then, right? Hahha

Q: Which makeup product could you not live without?

A: I couldn’t live without concealer, my under eyes can seriously play me sometimes!

Q: Favourite makeup brand and why?

A my favourite makeup brand has to be Juvias Place. I’m obsessed with their eyeshadow,the colours and pigment of them blew me away!

Q: finally, if someone wanted to get into makeup, any advice/tips?

A: the only advice I would give someone is so enjoy it! Theres no rules in makeup so any look you create with be beautiful in its own way!

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Thank you so much to Emel for answering these questions! I learnt so much and i hope whoever is reading this did as well!

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