Hi Guys,

I hope you are well,

today i wanted to share with you my top vlogging, video and editing tips and tricks that may help you!!!


so the common question is, what gear will i need?

when i first started, i used to film on my ipad, and that was good! Just because you don’t have the camera, it actually doesn’t matter, i feel like as technology has evolved, you can even upload in 1080 on iphone and ipad, so if you’re still starting out, ipad and iphone are fine!

If you don’t have a camera, with a view finder, get a mirror and put it behind your camera, so you can see whether you’re in focus or not!

If you want a budget friendly camera and has all the amazing videography but doesn’t break the bank try the: Nikon D3500, it is such a good camera for the price and is good for beginners and doesn’t break the bank!

canon: Canon EOS Rebel SL3 / EOS 250D their beginner entry camera again is amazing and it has a good range of features on this camera and is also lightweight.

Sony: i have sony camera and i love it. It has a view finder, compact and has some good features: Sony A6000

lights: You don’t really need lights, open the curtains and let the natural light come through, which can be a bit annoying. if you do want to get some lights: these soft box lights are really good and they’re only £47.99:

Tripod: Again, not really an essential if you have a few books you can stack them on top of each other, but if you are looking for a cheapish tripod: £18.99:

Setting up:

Now you have the gear you want to film, let’s talk about filming set up!

If you are using a DSLR camera, you can blur the background which is quite cool

Using an ipad or phone? angle the ipad/phone to head level and angle it downwards so you can get the flattering angle

Background: try not to have a cluttered background, i tend to film on my bed or in front of the fire

Allow the light to come in: once again, if you do have lights, then that’s fine, but, allow the natural light to come in with your windows/curtains open.


so we have gear, we have set up, let’s talk filming:

Brief; Let’s brief what we are going to say and have an outline, so you don’t go off topic, i always ramble, so having a brief outline helps me so much

Intro: introduce yourself, what you do and what you’ll be discussing in the video. If you introduce yourself and what you do, people are able to know who you are/what you do and want to subscribe!

After you film: take a little selfie for the thumbnail. If you have been talking about products, books etc, take a photo of you with the products so people can look at the thumbnail and get an idea of what you will be discussing.

call to action: at the end make a call to action such as people to subscribe to you, watch a particular video, follow social medias etc.


I love editing and seeing the whole video from the editing stage to the final product.

It doesn’t need to be all fancy and expensive, i use imovie on my macbook and that does me just fine. You can download audio, fonts, transitions titles etc..

Royalty free: always, if you don’t want the copyright claims/strikes type in royalty free music and loads come up and they are amazing sounds!

so with your selfie, i add it into canva, and make a thumbnail from canva, add some text and voila the editing has been completed.


It’s upload timeee! Make sure to use the hashtags that is relevant to your video and channel.

In the description box, add a brief, social medias and some link backs

Good luck!!

If you want to share your youtube videos, make sure to do so, would love to check out some channels,

I hope this has helped you today and hopefully gave you some tips on how to upload your youtube video, weather your first or your 50th!

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