Free ways to promote your blog posts!

Hi Guys,

I am back with another blog post on how to promote your blog post. Obviously when you write a blog post, you want people to read them, so where should you publish them without spending money?

Facebook: have you made a blogger facebook? If not, make a blogger facebook where you can share your new blog posts and get people to join the facebook page, where you can share the posts. You can even do it on your personal facebook page as family and friends are able to see them!

Twitter: Twitter is a free tool and loads of people are on twitter. Use hashtags such as #bloggers, #bloggershutrt, #bloggergals etc.. you can even join the blogging threads that some blogging pages do, where you’re able to share your posts/blog.

Pintrest: i love pintrest, i find some of my traffic actually comes from pintrest. You can ask to join boards, where you can share posts, or just use the relevant hashtags and put it into your own board.

Instagram: Another good free tool. You can do a boomerang for your story and then a graphic blog design for your instagram feed photo. You can add hashtags and it can get picked up from fellow bloggers

Groups: Join some groups where you can share your posts, you’ll find a lot of traffic will come from groups as you’re able to find people want to read your content.

Bloglovin’: Blog lovin’ is where you can share but also other bloggers can share your posts as well.

guest blogging: If someone is hosting a guest blogger, this is a good way of getting your name out there and for people to read your posts. You will be exposed to a whole different audience and you can gain new readers but also build a relationship with other bloggers.

Comment on other blogs: some people see this as a no, no, but if you’re supporting another blogger by commenting, you can add your comment, but underneath your comment, you can just write a link to your blog, and people are able to click the link if they wish to do so.

linked in: Linkedin is another good way to share your posts. Not only that, but you can also get PR contacts to contact you also. There are also a few blogging groups on linkedin that you are able to join to get your blog out there and also your blog is more visible to pr companies!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post,

comment below where you share your blogs?

Andina Regular

4 thoughts on “Free ways to promote your blog posts!

  1. Emily Ryan says:

    I have to admit I neglect my facebook but these are really good tips! Maybe I should try to join some blogging groups on there. I mostly use twitter for traffic but am growing my insta slowly. Thank you for sharing 😊

  2. Amy Bellxo says:

    I felt I neglected my Facebook page quite a lot, and when I started to share my posts, I gained quite a lot from that Facebook! What’s your Instagram?😊😊. Thank you for taking the time to comment as well x

  3. Emily Ryan says:

    Fabulous! Yes I end up just sort of dropping links there, I have a few followers I think but not the engagement like on twitter or insta! They are very helpful, thank you again 😊

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